Award-winning Television in Latin America

Gordon Robertson highlights the award-winning efforts of CBN’s Latin American broadcasts and particularly Club 700 Hoy host Pastor Hector Hermosillo.

CBN’s Spanish 700 Club (Club 700 Hoy) host Pastor Hector Hermosillo won an award for ‘Best Host’ of a Television program during the annual Eagle Awards.

The award recognizes the spreading of the Gospel to the Spanish speaking world. The award ceremony is part of Expolit 2013 – a convention of Latin American Christian journalists and communicators from around the world.

For 35 years CBN has aired Spanish language television programs into more than 25 countries and more than a thousand people each month commit their lives to Christ as a result.  And through follow–up, more than 50,000 people visit CBN’s Spanish websites each month.  In total, CBN’s Spanish programming received 8 nominations in the Eagle Awards.

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