Helping Flood Victims in India

Gordon Robertson highlights CBN International and the help they are giving flood victims in Northern India, providing disaster relief to three thousand survivors.

CBN is helping thousands of people affected by floods in Northern India.
Heavy rains triggered the floods that wiped out homes leaving hundreds of
thousands of people stranded. CBN responded by sending teams to help
local partners set up temporary refugee shelters providing
immediate aid including freshly cooked food, water and energy drinks, helping more than 3100 people. 1800 people have received
medical relief, blankets, tents, clothes and other supplies. CBN teams are also sharing the gospel, counseling and praying with survivors.

Visit CBN International for more information.

Relief & recovery for Oklahoma Tornado Victims

The Operation Blessing relief and recovery efforts continue following the devastating impact of the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma.

It’s been one month since an E-F-5 tornado ripped through Moore Oklahoma. Twenty four people were killed and thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed. Operation Blessing has been in the area since the storm hit. OB crews continue to help residents clean up debris and repair damage. Volunteers are also offering emotional and spiritual support through hugs and prayer. Volunteers take time to pray for families at memorial set up at an elementary school where several children were killed. Residents are thankful for the support.

Bringing Electricity to a Cambodian Orphanage

Gordon Robertson shares how CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is changing lives in a Cambodian orphanage with a solar power system.

CBN‘s Orphans Promise has provided the first ever solar power system to an orphanage in Cambodia that is home to ninety orphans. The solar power system supplies electricity to power lights so the children can study in the evening, a well-lit environment that is now a safe place for the children to live. There is also now the electricity to power fans so bedrooms and classrooms are cooler despite hot temperatures outdoors.  CBN has been working in the community of Laveasor Island in Cambodia since 2002.

Visit CBN’s Orphan’s Promise for more information.

Clean Water Outreach in the Philippines

Gordon Robertson shares about the work CBN is doing village by village to bring clean, safe drinking water to the Philippines.

According to UN research, almost eight million people lack access to clean water sources.  CBN is working village by village in the Philippines to bring that number down – and share the gospel.  CBN recently held a well dedication in Cabinitan village where the community suffered an outbreak of cholera last year caused by contaminated water.  Now they are grateful for a new well with clean water.  20 people in this village professed faith in Jesus as a result of the outreach.

So far this year, CBN has built 20 wells on the Philippine islands to provide water for over 3700 people.  Over the last 12 years, more than 165 thousand people in the Philippines have been helped through CBN’s well program.

Learn more about CBN’s Clean Water initiatives.

Growing a Small Business in Africa

Gordon Robertson takes us to Niger where Operation Blessing helps a young widow struggling to feed and shelter her children.

NAIMEY, Niger – A young widow, Houera was struggling just to keep her seven children fed and sheltered.

“We really suffered when my husband died,” she said. “I had no work; we had a problem with food.”

Thankfully, a “big” business plan was about to change her family’s life.

As part of an animal fattening project to help farmers buy and raise livestock, Houera received micro loans from Operation Blessing to purchase a cow and three sheep. Houera diligently cared for the animals—knowing that they could help provide for her children.

“I stayed patient when things were tough,” she said. To aid her efforts, Houera also used what she knew of farming to plant crops such as peanuts, millet, corn and beans that could both feed her children and the animals.

Soon, Houera was able to sell her fattened cow at a profit—allowing her to feed her children and keep them in school. And she has plans to improve her family’s situation further by investing in more livestock, and eventually beginning her own business selling spices.

“If someone can gain something small and manage it well, it can really help them,” she said. “Everything is good for us now. We thank God because I now have activities that help to feed and clothe my children.”


This microenterprise venture is one of many Operation Blessing projects touching lives around the world. You can be a part of improving the quality of life for impoverished communities by supporting these and other life-changing programs.