Clean Water Outreach in the Philippines

Gordon Robertson shares about the work CBN is doing village by village to bring clean, safe drinking water to the Philippines.

According to UN research, almost eight million people lack access to clean water sources.  CBN is working village by village in the Philippines to bring that number down – and share the gospel.  CBN recently held a well dedication in Cabinitan village where the community suffered an outbreak of cholera last year caused by contaminated water.  Now they are grateful for a new well with clean water.  20 people in this village professed faith in Jesus as a result of the outreach.

So far this year, CBN has built 20 wells on the Philippine islands to provide water for over 3700 people.  Over the last 12 years, more than 165 thousand people in the Philippines have been helped through CBN’s well program.

Learn more about CBN’s Clean Water initiatives.

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