Disaster Relief for Typhoon Victims in Philippines

Gordon Robertson shares a report from the front lines of CBN’s Disaster Relief response to the deadly Typhoon Bopha that ravaged the Philippines on Tuesday.

The death toll is now over 500 after a major typhoon hit the Philippines Tuesday and more than 400 people are still missing. More than 310,000 people have lost their homes. CBN Disaster Relief is on the scene helping survivors recover from the massive damages. CBN’s Lucille Talusan provides this report:

Powerful Typhoon Bopha wiped out whole villages in the southern island of Mindanao, killing hundreds in mudslides and flashfloods. 70 more dead bodies that were brought to this funeral parlor, which is about an hour drive from where these people were found. The lack of funeral parlors, morgues and body bags is now a problem that the government is facing as the death toll continues to rise.

It was a case of unbelief for most of the victims because residents in these hard hit areas say they never had storms before in this part of Mindanao.

Charlita Tubiera lost her house. “I lived here for 50 years and the storms never passed our town. Nothing is left with our belongings. Everything is gone. Our house was flattened by the very strong winds.”

Charlita and her neighbors now take shelter in a nearby school. Because of the lack of evacuation centers, many victims also stay in makeshift tents along the highways.

CBN has dispatched staff and volunteers to help these people. Disaster relief efforts are now being conducted in the worst affected areas especially where people have not been given aid. One thing that is unique with the disaster relief efforts of CBN is that church partners gather the people and debrief them, share with them the Word of God and comfort them in prayer.

Cynthia Cacho lost her house in the storm. “God is teaching us a very big lesson. We have forgotten him. This is a reminder that we should always pray to him.

The residents in this village are very happy to receive mats and blankets from CBN.

“Thank you very much CBN” says Charlita. “This is the very first time that a group give us help. I lost everything. That’s why these things you gave us are very precious to me.”

Government authorities say Bopha has affected some one million families. As a response to the enormous need, CBN will continue to conduct several disaster relief efforts, medical assistance and feeding programs to the victims in the next weeks.

And another part of CBN’s humanitarian initiatives, Operation Blessing is being recognized as one of America’s top charities according to Consumer Digest.

The publication’s December issue ranked more than two hundred charities into seven categories. The rankings are based on charities’ spending efficiency and the percentage of generated income spent on their mission.

Operation Blessing International was named among the top three charities in the humanitarian category receiving a 98.8 percent efficiency rating.

2 thoughts on “Disaster Relief for Typhoon Victims in Philippines

  1. PLEASE GO TO CATEEL IN DAVAO (PHILIPPINES). THEY NEED A LOT OF HELP THERE . Thanks … esp I am trying to witness to a classmate from college who is from there.

    • The town of CATEEL, still needs more body bags for dead people, medicines, foods, tents , water etc PLEASE OP , they need your help there

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