Earthquake Recovery in Guatemala with Operation Blessing

Gordon Robertson takes us to Guatemala to meet Glendy and her three daughters who are struggling to recover from an earthquake that killed the family’s husband and father.

SAN MARCOS, Guatemala – Glendy’s husband made her a promise—one that unfortunately he was not able to keep.

He promised to buy her a corn mill so she would be able to earn an income preparing tortillas at home while taking care of their three little girls.

But a few days later an earthquake struck their region of Guatemala—Glendy’s husband was killed and their home reduced to rubble.

As her girls cried and shivered in the cold of a temporary shelter, Glendy could only pray for a miracle.

In the days following the earthquake, Operation Blessing teams learned about Glendy’s situation and helped rebuild her damaged home.

To help get her back on her feet and provide for her three little ones, OBI fulfilled the promise her husband had made before his death by giving her a corn mill. Now, Glendy is able to work from home and earn enough income to take care of her children and even send them to school.


This microenterprise venture is one of many Operation Blessing projects touching lives around the world. You can be a part of improving the quality of life for impoverished communities by supporting these and other life-changing programs.

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