Life in Rocket Town

Gordon Robertson highlights a recent visit that CBN’s Scott Ross took to Sderot, Israel. Sderot is a small town in southern Israel that often finds itself in the cross hairs terrorist missiles.

Keep up with the events unfolding in the Middle East at CBN News.

2 thoughts on “Life in Rocket Town

  1. I have a young palestein man who my daughter went to college with. She worries about him . he live s in Gaza and the isrealis are bombing all around him. My daughter is a young born again believer . How would you expalin this mess to her. Gods will Allah Will ? He posts pictures on facebook about what is going on. He and another muslim man have been to our house, He knows I love Isreal. But God created us all and Jesus loves them too.
    Please give me a answer

  2. Hamas claims they won the election on or about 2005 and the Israeli jewish folk left.Israel did this because Hamas said there would be peace.They lied ,of course ,and most of the world that even knows about hams know there are a terrorist entity.In Bethlahem I visited an arab Christian pastor who has been shot 4 times as of over two years ago.His brother was killed and the Church there hadbeen firebombed 14 times back then! We left him a small donation and had a prayer.We went to a Bethlehem shop and bought there items to help them and encourage them.Islam is an ideology of death teaching its children to kill not long after birth.When such teaching is given to anyone that is all they know to do.I suggest you ask GOD if the Lord Jesus Christ is Who He said HE is.And if you are sincere in searching His Word says you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart! All other answers will become clearer after this is done.There is much bias among arabs and jews due to history,but TRY this and then ask again. may you find HE Who is the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE!! He is the only way to lasting peace!! Amen!!

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