My Prayer For You

Gordon Robertson talks about New Year’s resolutions and how one resolution we should have is to grow in our knowledge and grace in the Lord in 2013.


Scripture: “Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”  2 Peter 3:18 NKJV

5 thoughts on “My Prayer For You

  1. I pray that God bless the Christians in America with more strong, power enough to keep the Christian values ( religion freedom , Democracy) and Blessings to increase it not just in America but on the whole earth. I pray that God stop the islamic power spread on the earth, mainly in Africa and in Europe too!I pray that God give more hope to the Christians and let increase into the demography in Europe and meadle east(in the islamic nations)!I pray that God give revival on the entire earth!God give peace for Israel!

    I pray that God Bless CBN and God bless the West world to share with more power the Gospel!God bless the Christians that all of Promises of God will be done in our Life in Jesus mighty name!

    I wish a Blessed Happy New Year!

    (Karpule from Hungary)

  2. Yes, I will grow in grace by giving myself to a missions destination this year. I feel an urgency to join a physical group on a mission trip somewhere in the world but don’t know where. How does a person get involved in the relief and/or ministry to orphans within your organization? I am currently a CBN Partner but I want to do more in service.

    Yes I will grow in knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Today I make a committment to focus each day to pray and read His word 15 min. each morning.

    Thank you CBN for the inspiration to strengthen my walk with Christ.

  3. We know that Pat & Gordon has such an influence with actors & Christian movie makers, we were hoping that he might be able to relay this to the appropriate persons, so that they would be more aware of this situation. I know we are not unique in this situation and know that many people have the same problems. I wished that we could afford a hearing aide for my husband…but I understand they could cost up to & over a thousand dollars! We have been gold partners with CBN for several years & have never before asked for anything…so we’re just hoping that maybe Pat could help to get the word out. Thank you so very much & may God continue to Bless you & this ministry abundantly!

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