Providing Basic Sanitation in Laos Villages

Gordon Robertson showcases the award-winning efforts of CBN Laos to bring clean water and basic sanitation to remote villages in their region.

The director of CBN’s office in Laos, Gillian Chong, received a Medal of Labour award for raising more than $564 thousand dollars to improve healthcare. Ms. Chong leads CBN’s humanitarian work that includes digging fresh water wells and the Sanitary Healthy Model Village project. Because sixty percent of the rural population has a need for improved sanitation, CBN’s goal is to provide villagers with clean water and basic sanitation facilities. CBN has completed this work in eight villages and is providing over 350 wells and over 1400 latrines for more than 43 thousand people. The Laos Director of Health recognized Ms. Chong as an excellent and experienced community developer.

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More Information:

Sanitary Healthy Model Villages

An Integrated Village Development Program

Integrated with the wells project, the CBN Sanitary Health Model Village Project aims to provide the villagers with clean water supply complete with basic sanitation facilities and ultimately, an improved hygienic living condition. CBN Laos Model Village Project adopts a participatory approach, which means, trainings will be provided and each family is challenged to participate in making the overall project successful, a step towards improved healthy living for their better future. The training on the construction of latrine includes inculcating taking responsibility through ownership, each family has to participate and be responsible to search for the local materials to build their own family latrine.

Laos: Southeastern Asia, northeast of Thailand, west of Vietnam: population 6,586,266 (July 2012 est.)

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  1. Please have someone call or email me back to help two women who are ripe for salvation in Vietnam, thanks John Christie.

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