July 18, 2018 by hoveringhawk   Comments (2)

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Okay a lesson I've learnt which has taken a while to sink into my stone head. But rather than 'reacting' - which I still do, believe me and think how CAN I be a Christian, when I do, when people are rude or say hurtful things to me - and they do and tyhe more I walk with God, the more they seem to lol - is that let's face it - some people are used by 'the enemy' to get a reaction from us.

It's easy to react 'ego to ego' and make another 'right or wrong'

today someone said something to try and get a reaction out of me, but it was like I got a 'third viewpoint' and knew it was just careless talk or that the enemy was trying to provoke me to anger and 'reaction' again.

I'm not saying you shouldn't challenge people - I'm still 'fiesty' and I do lol

but . KNOW that words, speech, opinions can be influenced for evil as well as good - sometimes (often) the feedback and words you get from some in the world and sometimes fellowship too, is 'used' - however much that person may htink 'it's my own opnion' .

I'm the biggest one to need constant teaching with 'kirbing my mouth/talk' etc - especially with reaction to others I perceived to being 'unconscious' or rude etc - but just look at how many verses there are in the Bible about 'guarding the tongue'

another viewpoint, is that we can have compassion on those using hurtful words, however personal or painful it may seem at the time? jesus said 'they know not what they do..." - it could queally be ' they don't know what they're saying"?

a good song about the power of words with others ( for good) is 'Speak Life by Toby Mac :)