surviovr withness etc of cruelhiddncrime need be heared healed in the middle of society specially christianplaces and NOT left outside wasted more like was in my biography...still missed not as knownvirgin years aqgo married and lots else positive constructive too...lots of cosnequnecs against SF and more

August 28, 2020 by mj30   Comments (0)

drink now something,continue read and then public traffic etc.finally hug person and also sex with suspected man/might men i not care only marriage any longer as long is worthcasing relation of cours e still better if possible but missed too long good in this too...all beauty and youth in and aroun forever not here now

Middle of July

July 15, 2020 by mj30   Comments (0)

not want again repetation etc never wanted...thx for improved,forwareded etc...may finally constant close socialnetwork and also ok with lawyers,journalists etc...may great news finally forever...all sorrows exchanged with reasons and persons for joy and other positive all instead and around me...florished,prosperd own being...bless and touch LB and others now too an touch a lot to hury up bring in order, be fair and kind etc..J.C dreamt about KF really wished too long in order,reunion too...

help me be fruitful each day and night lots of wanted hugs touch etc thx for contact and possiblities with SN and others and may finally true lovestory first of all and close friendships especially...

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and never imagine instead,just live humor,sensitive and else me giftsconform,talents use...and if and what to change in eat and or else behaviour no stress,not count on that for health restaured...may finally sing and might also take communion...may all stores and or other places are prepared of gods presence!

all deicsions and what want and what not heartwishconformes shall be blessed released in reality forever and impressions for deaht desperation destroy forever away

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confess had before again reaches for suicide cause still not had hugs daily and nightly anda bstinent for nothing also!and also not spoke and met enough already late evening,idk if and what write here may all worldwide intercessior/prayers be blessed and care and move and act,may GD and other institution secta person suffer and surrender and change!may write mail to them and owner get heared etc...healed myself in and around...really want to go to ES and return then suspected save secure but also the travel comortable with good company...may reintouch with MU and others also protected and in and for goods and many other s too...remind god for improevments forwards since last posted this page!

not pleased bancincommon at least from SB wasn there till today and else pendences instead go(o)d news and today 3rd year married HJ it was still neither annulated or at least realmarriage!really want gapless other spouse

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not want have bad mood today general,overwhelmed...not have power motivation for anything and stressed about risk people in region friendly warmhearted uncomplicated suspected instead...reach out for company travel with J and others next weeks...J.C thx for day till now and rest of day won t try now call abroad hotline cause of wasted charge and also not lottery inroad counsel line may for sure pray in skype tonight incl share best and great!hallelujah yes and amen


true christians not shall caged in weird church relations instead deep authentic friendships!

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may this finally start happening local inter-national and all secta/evil teached influence have to disappear!