My healing

October 31, 2015 by longlegs81   Comments (0)

I started this so I could share the good news and blessings of Jesus. I don't deserve anything. Let me tell you if I am blessed you can be too. The first thing that comes to mind is my healing I recieved a few years ago. It started with me having to have my overie removed. Mind you I am desperately wanting to be a mom. So that in mind,  I was very concerned when a few months later I was having extreme pain. I decided to get prayer at church. When she started praying over me I felt the best warm feeling come over me. I can't describe it. It went from my head pushing the pain down out my feet. Very comforting. Then she said in the prayer "Lord let's heal and really focuse on that left overie". Funny thing is that's the only overie I have left. This lady didn't know me or my story.  I never had that pain again. Praise Jesus. I have more blessings to share too.healing