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Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers

Some men stand head and shoulders above the crowd when it comes to being a father. In his research of fathers across the country, Dr. Ken Canfield, Found and President of the National Center for Fathering, identified seven secrets for becoming an effective father.

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Giving Your Children the “Home Court Advantage”

Parents want what’s best for their children – the best opportunities, the best status in their sporting events, the best teachers, grades, college, and the best preparation for the best future. So what is really the best foundation upon which security and stability are built in your children?

Dr. Kevin Leman answers this question simply in his book, Home Court Advantage (Tyndale 2005), by naming these three parts as the foundation: time together, time at home, and time as a family.

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7 Keys to Unlocking Your Child’s Leadership Potential

As senior vice president of the Orlando Magic basketball team and former general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, Pat Williams knows how to nurture young talent and instill the passion, commitment, and determination necessary to become a champion.

In COACHING YOUR KIDS TO BE LEADERS: THE KEYS TO UNLOCKING THEIR POTENTIAL (Warner Faith Hardcover, January 2005, Copyright 2005 Pat Williams), Williams distills his wisdom into "Seven Keys to Effective Leadership."

Empowering Your Kids

Mac and Barbara Bledsoe, parents of NFL quaterback Drew Bledsoe, share five rules for parents that can lead raising children how confident, productve and happy.

Real Love Talk

Your love life will sink or swim based on how well you communicate. What you say to your partner, and how you say it, is the single most important influence on your relationship. Research reveals that communication is the number one complaint couples have and it is also the one thing they can most easily improve ... if they know how.

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Why Defend Marriage

Scientific studies have now proven married people live longer, they're healthier, wealthier, and happier. For example, married men live about 10 years longer than unmarried men. Marrieds spend only half as much time sick and in the hospital as unmarrieds. Linda Waite literally wrote the book on the case for marriage. Waite said, "The research evidence is just overwhelming that becoming married improves mental health."

Cracking the Code

Peter Jones, in his new book, Cracking Da Vinci's Code ( 2004) that he co-authored with James L. Garlow, calls some popular books neither fact nor fiction, but rather "fact-ion." In Cracking Da Vinci's Code "fact-ion" is described as a "wily narrative that blends limited facts with some grossly exaggerated claims."

Why Defend Marriage

Groundbreaking research shows traditional marriage provides amazing benefits to those who will commit to it, and to their children as well, but many historians acknowledge it as the cornerstone that keeps civilizations from crumbling.