Ahayah is the true name of the Father and Yashaya is the true name of the Son like the Bible says call upon His name and be saved, the other names like God Lord and Jesus are all pagan. He does answer prayers to them I think if He knows we are intentional in our hearts towards Him but now its the End Times and He wants us to come out of all ignorance and get serious

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I believe the name of The Most High to be &lsquo.Ahayah&rsquo. [Ahayah Asher Ahayah] as God spoke to Moses in the tongue of the time, which we call &lsquo.paleo-Hebrew&rsquo. (proto-H).

From my understanding of p-Hebrew, &lsquo.I am&rsquo. is quite literally &lsquo.Ah-HaYah&rsquo. &ndash. I cannot find anywhere, where &lsquo.I am&rsquo. translates to &lsquo.adonai&rsquo., &lsquo.elohim&rsquo. or JHVH/YHWH &ndash. those names, when broken down, are actually TITLES.

&lsquo.YHWH&rsquo. = Yah/Jah &ndash. god(s), Power(s) [Plural], Hawa/Howa &ndash. to &lsquo.usurp&rsquo., &lsquo.take&rsquo. [by force], so. Jehova/Yahowa actually means &lsquo.to become God&rsquo. or to &lsquo.take power&rsquo. if I understand correctly &ndash. sounds like Satan to me, he does, after all &ndash. want to sit in the Northern most point, in place of The Most High God.

&lsquo.YHWH&rsquo. is the god of the pre-abrahamic semites &ndash. he (it) is a pagan deity, paralleled by Moloch, and Baal. summarised by &lsquo.Baphomet&rsquo. &ndash. Satan. &lsquo.YHWH&rsquo. is a name that is taken from Judaic/Talmudic Kabbalah magic, known as the &lsquo.tetragrammaton&rsquo.. Definitely not the name of the Uncreated creator, God [Ahayah] &ndash. his Son&rsquo.s name is &lsquo.Yashaya&rsquo. which translates to &lsquo.My saviour&rsquo..

Blessed is He who comes IN THE NAME OF THE LORD.

From my basic understanding, Ahayah is the root of Yashaya &ndash. So The Son quite literally came IN THE NAME of THE FATHER .😀

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