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I hope and Pray the following Testimony of how God has healed my wife Samantha will be a Blessing and encouragement to someone here, God is NO respecter of persons, what He has done for us He will also do for You and sooo much more... He Loves us soooooooooo much and we are the apple of His eye!

When I met Samantha first she was having really bad nightmares due to her physical and sexual abuse by both parents, from a few months old to age 16. She was so tired from not sleeping at nights through fear, that she would often sit down and fall asleep within a few minutes, it was that bad.

I felt so helpless, I wanted to take the pain away. She would scream sometimes and wake herself up, shaking and panicking. One day I had enough of this, and said to God, "I need You to do something about this, I can't deal with seeing Samantha in this pain any longer".

I Prayed and felt God put instructions in my head, I didn't know everything just a part.

Firstly, I told Samantha God wanted us to go out in the car - didn't know where or anything else, I just knew we had to be obedient and trust Him. We got in the car and drove to the end of our road, I stopped and Prayed, God said turn left, I did - at this point I still had no idea about anything else. I drove about 2 miles to a small fishing harbor via God's instruction, this was in the summer of 1992. I stopped the car overlooking the small harbour, many boats and yahts were there. I Prayed again, and felt God wanted us to get out and sit on the quay. .... I looked in front of us and there was in the bay directly where we had stopped, a yaht with it's sails in the shape of a cross, ok I thought, nothing special really untill I looked all around us and that was the only one with this perfect cross shape, there were about 40 boats at that time in the summer.

We knew this was of God, no doubts about it. Next the Father told me to explain to Samantha that she was to get some paper, [thankfully we had some in the car], and for her to write all the bad things that happened in these nightmares - at first she didn't want to do it, because she was told by her father that if she EVER told anyone of the things that went on, he would kill her! .... She was frightened. I said you will not be telling me, you will be writing them down, I won't need to see them.

She did this with many tears, we were both in the presence of God. Then God said this is the last of the nightmares, and Samantha was to throw the list in the sea in front of us. But God said she was to leave them in the sea to drown, NEVER to bring those thoughts and memories back again, this was a physical enactment of a spiritual cleansing, Praise God!

That night, Samantha had the best sleep of her life, she NEVER had another nightmare! .... We still Praise the Father to this day for His Faithfulness to us!!

There are more stories like this, when time permits, I'll tell you more, I Pray this will be an encouragement to you that God is Faithful, He will NEVER give us more than we can bear, He will always show us a way out .... if we trust, obey and listen to His voice AMEN!!!!

Part 2:

Due to Samantha's abusive childhood she was told in her teens by Drs she would not physically be able to have children, due to the internal damage done to her.

Before we were married Samantha was concerned that I might not want to marry her because it was impossible for her to have children, I told her that if God didn't bring us children then we could adopt or foster when the time came, I loved Samantha for who she was not because we could or couldn't have children. So when we were married we said we would try to have a baby early on as it might take awhile, we Prayed for a boy and 3 months on Samantha was pregnant with Daniel much to our surprise - we saw the scan pictures and he was perfect, he was born using forceps 2 wks overdue, and with dissabilities although it took us 4 yrs to get the Cerebral Palsy recognised - 16 yrs to diagnose the Autism and Tourettes.

Before we were married we thought we would like 4 children, so we Prayed for our second to be a girl, Samantha was then pregnant with Lydia a year later. She was born 1 month early with a hole in her heart, the Drs gave Lydia 3 months to heal or they would have to operate to repair the heart. We went each fortnight to have her heart checked , we Prayed like never before and our Father healed Lydia's heart completely within the 3 months, Praise You Jesus!

By this time we thought that 2 children were plenty, especially with Daniel's difficulties. Samantha was taking a contraceptive pill because she had had difficult births and it had been a strain on her. I woke up one day with a terrible bad back [which I had also with the other 2 pregnancy's and lasted about 4 weeks], I told Samantha she was pregnant, she said 'don't be daft I'm on the pill', I said 'YOU ARE!'. She went and had a test, guess what ? she was pregnant. .... God had other plans for us, we said 2 He said 3!

As the pregnancy went on we felt this was a bit different to the other's. ....

One night .... Samantha had her waters break, except this was 3 months early!

I took her to hospital after being checked, we thought this was a false alarm and things would be fine. After getting back home later I had a call from the hospital to say that Samantha was in labour, and they had to send her to another hospital by ambulance because they were not able to deal with baby's so young.

We were living quite away from the hospital 3 hr drive, after Samantha got there I had a call around 10 pm to say 'I'd better get there as quick as possible, Samantha was very ill and they were unsure if she and the baby would make it.'

The weather was stormy, my Dad drove me there as I was too shaken up to drive all that way. We were led to a room and told to wait and a Dr would be there soon. The Dr said Samantha was struggling and they would have to do a Ceasarian to have any chance of saving the baby.

The Dr returned to say baby [Tamar]was fine and in an incubator, Samantha was not so good but I could go be with her. I was shocked how ill she appeared, I talked and prayed with her, tried to reassure her that all would be well - I didn't tell her how ill she was, I couldn't.

Samantha stopped breathing as I sat there talking, I Prayed for God's intervention and told her to breath - she did and after awhile she stopped breathing again, this happened a couple of times and our Father breathed Life into her again - there were NO Drs or nurses around at this time, don't know why but I believe that it was meant to be a very special moment with just the three of us! ....  ....

Samantha was healing daily although slowly, Tamar had lots of tubes, one was to help her breath as her lungs were not full size, she was soo tiny, [Samantha's wedding ring fitted on her wrist!]her skin was see through. Samantha was unable to see Tamar for a few days due to her health, we could not touch Tamar for a couple of days, they said she would be in hospital until her due date probably - Tamar was released 3 weeks later fit and well!!!!! God is soo good!!

Samantha had to stay in another 5 days, so here I was with Daniel 3 yrs, Lydia 1 yr and Tamar still a minus! less than her due date. I had a handful, and no extra help either. Tamar we had to treat her carefully due to her small size and weight, turning her in her cot every hour around the clock!

Samantha finally came home and we were a family again.

Through this trial we had our Faith and Trust in God, He stood by us when all around us was in chaos, He is soo Faithful and Loves us soo much - did I have doubts ? yes at the time, but I clung on to the Rock. ....

"Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you. do not look around you in terror AND be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen AND harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you. yes, I will hold you up AND retain you with My [victorious] right hand of rightness AND justice." ....  ....Isaiah 41: 10 ....  .... Amen!!

Thank you so much for sharing this testimony of God's love and overwhelming power and healing. God bless.

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Amen Khall1395... all glory and Praise to our Father Amen?! Blessings to You.

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Amen...the LORD created your family in His heart sometime in eternity past!!! "the days fashioned for me...before yet there was one of them..."

blessings Keith to you and Samantha..and all

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Amen... thank You Brother 1Kingservant for Your words of wisdom and Your faithfulness, You are always a Blessing and an encouragement... Blessings from across the Pond.

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An amazing testimony God bless you all x

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Thank You Liz, good to see You on the site again... Blessings to You and the family.

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