Posting Outdated Journals Error

October 26, 2009 by J K   Comments (1)

I have posted some journals regarding my feelings

of loss.  I should specify, I am not grieving now.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.  I will be cautious of

what I post and let you know if it is old or recent.

Thanks for understanding and patience. 


The Seed of God

October 24, 2009 by J K   Comments (1)



The Seed of God


I read something very interesting today.  And I

found we are forever learning something new.

I would love to share this with those who like

to learn something new also.


When we are born, we are born of mans seed.

When we are born again, we are born of Gods



The way the author explained this is that when

we accept Christ into our lives, we have Gods

DNA.  His seed.  I found this to be most fascinating.


I began to think about mans seed impregnating

woman.  She then carries a baby.  Most of the

time the baby is born nine months later,

healthy and fully developed.  Then I thought of

how some accidentally miscarry, or perhaps a

baby is born prematurely and kept in the 

hospital until it is fully developed and has 

reached its healthy weight, and can go home.


Some Christians are like this.  Gods seed gets

planted in their spirit.   They are on fire for the

Lord, sharing the good news of what He has

done for them.  Then one day they stumble and

fall.  A miscarriage you might say. 


The premature Christian, can often go off the

deep end  before they learn to swim.  You know,

like go out and try to maybe become a Pastor

before they have even had time to grow and

feed their own spirit.  Often times this is cause

for a falling away from God.  Erroneous  teachings

or perhaps temptations overcome them.


I learned from this that once Gods seed is planted

in me, I must remember I belong to Him. I do not

belong to myself.  I  must come out of my comfort

zone, the womb.


Thank God for teachings that help us to understand

those simple things we take for granted.  There is

so much to one scripture, and when it has been

taught correctly, and we keep our spirit open to

God, He will show us something new everyday.


Isn't He great?


GG-62-    07.22.08

Written by J K H

Todays Heartbreak In Memory of Alex

October 23, 2009 by J K   Comments (3)

 I wrote this the day of his funeral in August 2008.


Today's Heartbreak - The Day We Say Our Good-Bye....


 It is early.  THE DAY.  Not wanting to face the reality that

my grandson really has passed away.  But, it is something

we all face,  and I know  I am not alone in my grief.


His father is absolutely devastated.  We had a very good

relationship with him as an ex-son in-law, and I feel so

broken  hearted, not just from losing Alex, but from having

to see the many grieving family members.  His sister, she

has always been there for him.   Actually, she lost not just

a brother but in a way a son.  You don't mother a person

from little girl up to age 25 without that feeling of losing a

person having been dependent upon you for these short

years.  Their hearts were knitted together.


Alex left many friends behind.  He was so well known and

liked.  He, like his mother, (who is deceased), knew no


 We will miss his laughter, his sense of humor, and quick



It has been said he was turning over a new leaf.  Beginning

to see life differently.  He just turned 22 in May.  So a young man

was beginning his life journey.  It was cut short for some

unknown reason.  One person made a touching comment,

"What better time to go, than when he was ready to make

changes for the good." Just like his mom.  God in his infinite

mercy understands why this was Alex's time to leave this

earth.  To us it appeared he was just beginning.  But, we must

remember, only God knows how long we are put here for.

But, Oh, the pain...we who are left behind, go through.


For anyone who is not a believer, you may not understand.

That is okay.  For those of us who are, we recall that in

the scriptures, 'Jesus wept' when he was on this earth.

I am not ashamed as a Christian to show that my heart

is broken and my tears flow freely. 


An old song...."I Don't Need To Understand, I Just Need To

Hold His Hand."'