In Honor of Jamie Kelly

Created by: marnie kelly

Here it is only one week before Christmas, and I am awake, grieving for my brother who recently chose to not live with his pain any longer. I am now the same age as he was, but I choose Life, with Jesus' persistent love and mercy. Although Jamie kept me at a distance, there was a love between us that never died. I have to believe, that God in His mercy opened heaven's gates to receive my brother's soul and that I will see him, with our mother one day. And we can do the things, as we once did as innocent children, enjoying each other's company and not be tarnished by the world's evil. I hope and pray that all my family will see Jesus smiling at them one day. My remaining family is in a lot of pain, as Christmas, the time when families are supposed to be close, but without Jesus are fragmented. So if you took the time to read this and you have the privilege of knowing Jesus, please say a simple prayer for my family. hank you and God bless you. A grieving sister, Marnie