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Why we read the Bible regularly? Perhaps I should ask the question: What is the main reason that you don't spend time to read the Bible? Being an educator of Bible studying and of the Bible within the context of the university and in the Church, it's evident that the majority of Christians do not take having the time to study their Bibles. In this blog, I'll discuss a few reasons for following religious discipline through Bible studying regularly, and also methods to incorporate a practice of Bible study into your daily activities and the best methods to study the Bible.

News you consume can affect your mood. Imagine how you feel after having read the news. Just reading a single Bible verse for the day could have many advantages. It first reveals that the Bible shows God's character and the attributes of God toward the people he has chosen to be his. In every chapter of the Bible we see God's eternal, holy God's loving, generous and compassionate character.

The 2 Timothy 3:16-17 in discussing the topic of Scripture states that the Scripture is "profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness." The next verse declares that this will bring about completeness and to the preparation "for every good work."

The third reason is that regularly reading God's word will help to change our thinking in order to grow into a mature individual as a part of our Christian obligation (Ephesians 4:4-16. Romans 12:1-2). Have you encountered a mature Christian who wasn't in a position to regularly read the Bible? These three points are only the beginning. This list may include many reasons to be studying the Bible often.

The process of reading the Bible is an act of spiritual discipline meaning that we need to be disciplined when we approach the Bible. If you're not enticed to learn about the Bible ask God for help and pray that God to give you the desire to go through his words. Plan your calendar to study Scripture and give it the top priority. It is crucial to find those who can be accountable to you for the reading plan. You can even make an outline of your reading with someone else.

When you are doing the Bible often is a great starting point it is essential to study it in a manner that is suitable. It is easy to get into the trap of focusing only on how to apply the Bible. It is vital for the Christian to incorporate the Bible into their daily lives. However, there are many decisions which aren't conscious or consciously made.

To prevent misinterpretation of the text. It is advised to read the entire text of the Bible and try to understand the significance of the passage within the context that is immediate and also in the context of the whole biblical text. Always seek out what the text reveals concerning God's personality.

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