Broken, but He’s Enough

September 12, 2020 by b12   Comments (1)

Recently, I felt God speaking to me, "Is my salvation enough? If I never gave you anything else am I enough? If I don't answer the way that seems right to you, am I enough? Is the gift of salvation Alone enough?" He isn't saying not to pray and ask for desires in our hearts, but is challenging the core of what is in my heart. God has been slow to answer my truest hearts desire...still praying for over 25 years. If He says no, He is still good and faithful. Through salvation and eternity all the brokenness disappears. What we endure now will be whole. Hold on my friends. The struggle is real.

Lord help us to keep moving towards You bc when we stop we get stuck, taken captive by lies, resentful, and want our way. We want our timing and answers. Father help us to be satisfied in You alone. Lord forgive me for my impatience and passiveness. I feel like a child wanting to throw a tantrum at times. In the midst of my mess, Lord I know a You hear us. Help us to be content and at home in Your love alone. Even if for a moment. Let us rest at peace even in pain in Your presence. .

May we know Your goodness through brokenness.