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Ultimate Backyard BBQ

Free Recipes: Have the ultimate backyard BBQ. Swipe recipes from the BBQ pitmaster, Christopher Prieto, to include smoked pork butt, pulled pork sandwiches, and more! Airdate 05/19/2015.

- Ultimate Backyard BBQ - B&W

- Ultimate Backyard BBQ

- A Southern Yuletide Feast

- A Southern Yuletide Feast (B&W)

- Pumpkin Drop Biscuits Recipe

- Chocolate–The Secret Ingredient of Weight Loss

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Raise a Confident Kid

Author Paul Coughlin helps you rate your parenting skills and gain insight on how to raise assertive, confident kids in today’s world.

- Smart Steps for Stepdads

- Love & Marriage

- Money Savvy Kids

- Firstborn Advantages

- Protect Your Life Legacy

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Frontlines July 2015

In this edition of Frontlines:

  • See how you're helping U.S. military families in need.
  • Watch how Texas flood victims are being served by CBN partners like you and receiving hope and relief.
  • Find out how a young girl was swallowed by a tree and fell 30 feet. What happened next is more amazing than you could imagine.
  • See why a football player for the Green Bay Packers, Jordy Nelson, says, "if all you have for life is a Super Bowl championship, you're going to come up short."

Find these stories and more in this month’s publication of Frontlines!

- Frontlines July 2015

- Frontlines June 2015

- Frontlines May 2015

- Frontlines April 2015

- Frontlines March 2015

- Frontlines February 2015

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Reclaim Your Health

Free Fact Sheet: Dr. Michael F. Roizen shares how to take control of your body and your health to lose weight, live your passion, thrive in your relationships, and restore energy and vitality to your daily life. Airdate 03/18/2015.

- Reclaim Your Health

- Healthy Alternatives for Weight Loss

- Simple Steps for a Healthier Thyroid (B&W)

- Simple Steps for a Healthier Thyroid

- A Day on the Prayfit Diet

- A Day on the Prayfit Diet B&W

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What the Bible Says About Fulfillment

Do you struggle trying to find true fulfillment? This is a struggle that we all face at times. Find direction and encouragement from God as you meditate on His Word.

- Thanksgiving Tent Card 2014

- The Blessing of Believing

- A Thanksgiving Tent Card

- Experiencing Miracles

- He Loves You… Our Kind and Caring God

- What the Bible Says About Fulfillment

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The Path to Peace of Mind

God says that we can exchange our worries and problems for His peace and power. Take a few minutes and find peace for your soul, and strength for your spirit, in this special brochure: The Path to Peace of Mind.

- The Path to Peace of Mind

- The Fall Feasts

- Islam: Religion of Peace or War?

- Steps to Revival in America

- The Holy Spirit - Operation Good Shepherd

- How to Study the Bible - Operation Good Shepherd

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