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A Southern Yuletide Feast

Celebrate the holiday season with a truly southern yuletide feast! Try these recipes from Southern Living: Spiced Snowflake cookies, White Cake with Peppermint Frosting, Pork Roast with Sweet Onion-Pumpkin Seed Relish, Sweet Potato Soup, and more.

- A Southern Yuletide Feast

- A Southern Yuletide Feast (B&W)

- Pumpkin Drop Biscuits Recipe

- Chocolate–The Secret Ingredient of Weight Loss

- Chocolate–The Secret Ingredient of Weight Loss - B&W

- Celebrate the Season with Southern Flair

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Raise a Confident Kid

Author Paul Coughlin helps you rate your parenting skills and gain insight on how to raise assertive, confident kids in today’s world.

- Smart Steps for Stepdads

- Love & Marriage

- Money Savvy Kids

- Firstborn Advantages

- Protect Your Life Legacy

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Frontlines February 2015

In this edition of Frontlines:

  • See an orphan who is now able to walk because you're partnering with CBN.
  • Watch Terry Meeuwsen's interview with Gary Chapman (author of The Five Love Languages) as he shares what to do when your marraige is falling apart.
  • Watch our interview with Don Piper as he discusses what it was like to die and go to heaven—and then come back to life.

Find these stories and more in this month’s publication of Frontlines!

Log in to download the magazine or to view Frontlines Interactive -- the exclusive online version of Frontlines with videos and links to beneficial resources.

- Frontlines February 2015

- Frontlines January 2015

- Frontlines December 2014

- Frontlines November 2014

- Frontlines October 2014

- Frontlines September 2014

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Thanksgiving Tent Card 2014

Download and print your Thanksgiving tent card with the scripture verse "Let your lives overflow with thanksgiving for all he has done." Colossians 2:7 NLT

- The Blessing of Believing

- A Thanksgiving Tent Card

- Experiencing Miracles

- He Loves You… Our Kind and Caring God

- What the Bible Says About Fulfillment

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The Fall Feasts

The Bible tells about sacred feasts and what they mean to God’s people. Get this brochure, The Fall Feasts, to learn about these important feasts and discover how you can prepare for a year of God's blessings.

- The Fall Feasts

- Islam: Religion of Peace or War?

- Steps to Revival in America

- The Holy Spirit - Operation Good Shepherd

- How to Study the Bible - Operation Good Shepherd

- Who Jesus Is - Operation Good Shepherd

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