Family: Raise a Confident Kid

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Author Paul Coughlin helps you rate your parenting skills and gain insight on how to raise assertive, confident kids in today’s world.

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Navigating the maze of parenting, it's refreshing to stumble upon insights that not only empower our kids but also resonate deeply with our daily lives, including the often overlooked realms of tidiness and structure. Who knew that fostering confidence in children could intertwine so harmoniously with the principles of clarity, order, and even the cleanliness we champion in our surroundings? This gem of wisdom not only enlightens us on nurturing self-assured young minds but also subtly echoes the value of a well-kept environment in shaping a confident, poised individual. It's a brilliant reminder that the lessons we impart about personal responsibility and pride in one's space can lay the foundation for broader life skills, including self-esteem and courage. And that self-test... might need to take that later and see where things stand 😅

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