Australian universities - what to choose ?

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Have you ever dreamt studying in Australia? Probably, there is no surprise because your dreams will one day come true. Australia is one of the most preferred study destinations offering a quality education which is capable of molding the person you desire in future. Anyway, what comes to your mind when you think of Australia and its educational institutions? Perhaps it sports, creatures or unoccupied wilderness! Here we provide a summary and information concerning some of the best universities in Australia.

1. . . . . . The University of New South Wales (UNSW)  .(Ranked 1st in Australia and 75th Worldwide)

This university was established in 1949. Being a non-profit public institution located in suburban area of Sydney city. The population of the great city in South Wales is approximately 1 to 5 million inhabitants. UNSW is very large and famous for co-educational learning offering a wide range of programs recognizable as a place where higher-education bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees are offered. The university constantly provides an opportunity for qualified applicants to apply for a chance to study a program of their choice across the year.

2. . . . . . The University of Sydney (USYD) (Ranked 2nd in Australia and 78th Worldwide)

The campus was founded in 1850 as a non-profit public university located in the urban setting of Sydney. This campus is officially specialized and accredited by the education board in Australia to offer a wide range of programs from Arts to engineering courses. The university is capable of enrolling a wide range of inhabitants, approximately 45, 000 students. The campus offers pre-bachelor courses (like higher diplomas, diplomas, and certificate), bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. Also incorporates international students who are illegible to apply for enrollment in January, June, and September intakes.

3. . . . . . Monash University (MU) (Ranked 3rd  .in Australia and 82nd . Worldwide)

The university was founded in 1958 as public and non-profit educational institution situated in an urban setting of Clayton town. The town has a population of approximately 10,000 t0 50, 000. The campus has branches in several global locations like Gippsland, Melbourne, Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur. The university has also been recognized and accredited by the department of education in Australia offering pre-bachelor degrees, bachelors, degrees, masters&rsquo. degrees and doctorate degrees in a wide range of programs. MU is ranked to be capable of occupying approximately 45,000 students at several entry periods across an academic year.

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Why is studying in Australia so cool?

Many people studying in Australia keep posting on social media websites positive reviews about what they found cool about Australian universities. Campuses in Australia hold strong and legitimate academic identity and credentials. Their universities are highly ranked in the world based on offered programs and the quality of education offered. Additionally, studying in Australia exposes you to 30 of the world&rsquo.s best cities where both local and international students mix sharing the quality of life, its affordability and employment opportunities. I think these are among fundamental elements being considered by students around the world when selecting their study destinations.

Moreover, studying in Australia provides you with an opportunity to access government study loans and scholarships for international students every year. The Australian government welcomes people across the globe to experience the value of education offered in Australia capable of making future job opportunities for students.

Australian universities offer a wide range of courses and programs. Programs offered on their campuses has you covered. Be it fields in mathematics, natural sciences, agriculture, medicine and engineering, world-class and quality education offered in Australia is capable of making your dreams come true.

Interviewing students who study in Australia, I am confident that applying to study in Australia will expand your knowledge on not only academics but social engagements.

Interview 1

Q: What can you say about studying in Australia?

Sam: Australia is cool because people here speak English which is considerable to students who don&rsquo.t wish to learn new languages. This has saved me a lot of troubles I hear my colleagues going through in Chinese universities. Australia also has cool and tolerant environments which are favorable and free from violence which makes me move around without worrying about being attacked. .

Interview 2

Q: What&rsquo.s your own opinion about studying in Australia?

Emmanuel: Australia has jaw-dropping sceneries that take students into imaging the natural wonders of the world like the Lake Eyre, Ayers Rocks, and the Great barrier reefs. I have greatly enjoyed architectural sceneries like the Sydney Opera House and the Parliament buildings which at one point in time, I strapped my jaws to stop it from falling off. Additionally, I am also happy about the cheap public transport offered despite the fact that one has to travel a long distance from the residential area to urban suburbs where the campus is located. Featuring one of the best-renowned universities, I am proud to study in Australia.

Interview 3:

Q: What&rsquo.s your opinion about studying in Australia?

Mary: I am a 3rd-year student studying my bachelor&rsquo.s degree in Quantity Surveying at MU. I must say that studying in Australia is very much affordable compared to universities in western countries like the UK, Canada, and the USA. I am so grateful for this because I am being taught by expert lecturers well-versed with academic subjects worth any tuition fees. Moreover, the Australia board of education recommend quality education offered to both local and international students seeking on means to remove the burden of learning fees among students.