Health: Prepare to Survive the Unexpected

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Be ready if and when disaster strikes. CBN News' Chuck Holton shares what you and your family can do now to prepare.

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this one helps, thanks!

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Always apply the six emergency action principles for any injury or illness. These steps will help keep you and other bystanders safe.

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Great tips! In a country mostly hit by calamities, this is really helpful for us!

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So helpful. Not enough people take this kind of thing seriously!
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Great info. Thanks CBN. These are and will be times of great testing. I like to pick up extra food staples for my pantry and before expiration dates I collect soon to be expired items and donate them.

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KellyBruner Aug 3, 2021 at 11:07 pm Flag as inappropriate

I was so happy to see Chuck Holton on your program last night. I would like very much to buy one of the solar generators but searched on line and found nothing. Can you tell me where to find one?
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Pat Kelly Sep 14, 2012 at 5:21 am Flag as inappropriate

Having worked in TV News for 23 years, watching Pat and Kristi go at it was great TV! I could not stop laughing, especially when Pat picked up the prop gun and started pointing it around and Kristi ducked behind the solar panel. Their personalities work great together. Keep it up!

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