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Today marriages and families face a tremendous amount of stress. Give your marriage stability in the midst of the chaos. Here are principles you can apply right now for a strong, successful marriage.

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This makes me think of a time in my marriage about 12 yrs ago that I had built up so much resentment of the things my husband said and did that I had grown cold. I asked God to show him these things and the strangest thing happened. He turned it around on me, showing me all the things I was saying that was putting negativity in our relationship. Don't know if you are familiar with the Love Dare movie but it was really good at showing reality in marriage and how to turn it around. One thing is, it really isn't too late to turn things around just takes alot of patience and prayer. My husband and I have been married to 30 yrs now. It still isn't perfect but we now have fun with each other and making friends with other couples which didn't happen so much when we were growing cold. I will pray for you and your marriage and wish you God's speed and perserverence to see this through. Rita

Rita Estes May 3, 2010 at 3:35 pm Flag as inappropriate

I don't know how to get my wife, very soon to be an ex-wife to see what she is doing and the effect on our and her kids. It seems that she has been unhappy for years and her friends and internet has lead her to beleave that she would be better off without any of us. She drank for years and that seemed to change her, once she stopped drinking she has no love for anyone (here) but others have moved into her life and she can not see the that things seem beter now but can not see for tomorrow. Just don't know which way to turn :(


Kerry May 3, 2010 at 12:02 pm Flag as inappropriate