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Author and creator of The Zone Diet, Dr. Barry Sears, Ph.D., believes a lack of hormonal balance is making us—and keeping us—fat. In this edition of A Closer Look: “Living in the Healthy Zone,” Dr. Sears explains his Zone 1-2-3 Program and how it can help you reach your health and weight goals.

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I have read this post before as well and it was informative back then also. But I came here to know about MetroEHS Pediatric Therapy, someone recommended this site to me. I remembered this post.

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I can see how healthy eating and working out plays a great part in our physical and mental well being.

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Re: Drug Muggers Book by Susi Cohen Cant find the fact sheet on that , Can you help?

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come on dave & ann where is the information on the juice plus you are going to make me search for this info when you could have explained it in your response


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i enjoy your program very much it is a blessing and it is very informative thank you so much and God bless you and your staff


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I want to print this article and I can't seem to be able to, please help.

Nilda Grudza Jan 6, 2011 at 6:19 pm Flag as inappropriate

Come on, Dr. Sears. You know about Juice Plus. Where is the research for the capsule the Zone Diet recommends?

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Thank you, Pat, and everyone you work with! I love your show! You are like a father to all of us! God bless you and your cohosts! You are a true blessing for all of us - everyone. We need you, doing your wonderful show, always. Thank you for your commitment and devotion to being here for all of us. You are a wonderful person! We really love and adore you!

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My whole life is changing again... Every few years it seems a tragic or challenging event happens that gives me the opportunity to grow. The last tragic event I did fall into a great depression and am now slowly digging my way out. I can see how healthy eating and working out plays a great part in our physical and mental well being. Thank you for the information that I will pass on to my loved ones. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you've taken to discover and share this information.

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De aludj el szépen kis Balázs.

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Egyébként én elég álmos vagyok már, úgyhogy megyek.

További szép napot. Viszlát.

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Kétnyelvű oldal lesz ebből, én már látom.

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Kérlek válaszoljatok.

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Nem egészen tudom, de most odaát hány óra van.

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Once again, such valuable information. Thanks to CBN AND Dr. Sears for helping us live healthier and, yes, HAPPIER lives!!

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Vagy Boci, boci tarka, se füle se farka....

te jó ég szarvamarha fül és farok nélkül! De legalább tarka

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Csiga biga gyere ki, ég a házad ide kint, ha nem jössz ki nem kapsz tejet vajjal....

Vagy hogy s van?

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Nem de most tényleg sokat köszönhetek nektek.

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