Lifestyle: Less Stuff, More Life

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Inspired by Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, author Dave Bruno gave himself a challenge—to live with just 100 items.  In this edition of A Closer Look: “Less Stuff, More Life,” Bruno shares how he did it and why.

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help ! i'm in the midst of the shaking & have to downsize, i hear Gid say br ready to SHIFT GEARS to TRAVEL ;LIGIHT & FAST & be ready... he has a work for me...& when i went to church to get prayer to see in the midst of my earthquake drises{my husband died ..too soon & whrn the kids got here things just dhook big time ..there was ...NO MORE TIME! ..& stuff just went ..& is still going so i made a list of my biggest toomany books,,my sewing & art progecys [tools house & garden & too many cloths.. now its time to scale down again..i will be traveling from april to august & my daughter & husband & 3 kids will move in here with us..& the renos are many .& our funds very tight...but i think Godwants us to actually survibe LIVING TOGETHER [ & forget about "my space & rights" ; this is bare basics, so i'm trying to feel this is apioneer adventure & maybe i'll write about it [after i prctisie actually surviving. i'm so undone in the mow...."O!

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