Family: How To Pray for Your Teen

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It’s never been tougher to be a teenager—or the parent of a teenager. Just ask author and speaker, Jodie Berndt, the mother of three teens and one pre-teen. Berndt has written several books, including two on prayer: Praying the Scriptures for Your Children(Zondervan 2001) and Praying the Scriptures for Your Teenager(Zondervan 2007). Berndt  offers a number of ways you can Pray the Scriptures for your teen.

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Even in our youth group, the girl who was picking on her made an appearance, and now her boyfriend has broken up with her. |

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I also have a 14 year old daughter. Please pray that she continues her strong mind, but limit it to not using it to get in trouble. Pray for her anger issues, and to be able to walk away from sin, and others who do not have her best interest. She has a hard time with letting go of hurt, and has to answer any and everything someone says or does to her. please pray to deliver her from that evil. I pray for peace over her as well. In Jesus name, God Bless, Amen

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Please pray for my son, he is will be 18 tomorrow and is drifting away to the way of the world. Please play the people influencing him to stray away from him. Pray for Gods peace to be with him, his understanding, his mind be strengthening in the name of Jesus. He has learning challenges, but all in all he is good. Pray that he can get a good life started and be able to manage it on his own and to be able to keep a job. thank you for this forum and this awesome blessing to be apart of it.

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please pray for my son adam 14yrs old to be strong in his faith and for any demons to flee from him and his mind making him think bad thoughts he s a goid kid impray for him daily plz lift him in ypur prayers thank you

HopeH Jul 3, 2015 at 5:16 pm Flag as inappropriate

Please pray for my daughter Melissa she is 16 and having a very difficult time in HS she says no one likes her including the teachers and students she said they make fun of her all the time she tries to concentrate on her school work but she can't so she leaves the school and I don't know where she goes her grades has gone down she knows Jesus but I don't know what happen she is very lonely and don't have friends please pray for her to be happy and safe and to help me to Handel this situation she has a multi personality sometimes she is so loving and kind and then all of a sudden she is angry and screaming for no reason I tried counseling but it didn't help help me to pray for her

diana rampersad Jun 28, 2014 at 1:31 am Flag as inappropriate

My son's name is Brendon and he has two gay brothers; one from his father's preivous relationship, and my oldest son. He is struggling to understand who he is as well as what it means to be a man in today's world. Please pray that He follows God's plan for his life. He very angry that his father is not saved

Tia Simpson Dec 9, 2013 at 12:16 pm Flag as inappropriate

Wow. One of the things I have noticed here (not to minimize teenage sons) is that alot of these cries are for teenage daughters. I too, can relate, as I have a 17 year old that has concerned me for the past 5 years. I am learning to trust The Lord (again-sadly) I am very concerned for her, yet I know that The Lord has her in His hands. We must stand on scripture. We must. There is so much scripture on teenagers, the one that I speaks to me the most, is Isaiah 54:13 - "And all of your children shall be taught by the Lord, and Great shall be their peace". This helps me. Also, people be careful about judging pearents who have teens that have strayed. Not every parent is doing something wrong! Its time to take the Dr. Phil mentality out of the picture. It seems as though, there's always something wrong with what the parents are doing nowadays. I believe one of the main contribitutors to issues with children straying, in addition to satans blatant attack on todays youth, is that the church is NOT doing thier job as well. Im not just talking about the dead churches! Im talking about the annointed ones! Pastors: PLEASE hear from The Lord, not your flesh about what you say to your congregation. PLEASE BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND NOT by The spirot of "being hip". There are too many people who are hurting. Many churches have the motto nowadays: "We are real people, who serve a real God, and want to help real people". Yes, we serve a real God! But there are too many churches NOT folowing The true spirit of Christ. They are not helping people. They are helping themsleves, and promoting/defending their church rather than Gods heart. Im sorry but Ive seen it countless times. ANd the "your offended" sermon is for some, but its not for everyone, and I see that that sermon has ripped people to the core, and that it has become a crutch for the churches that are not doing their jobs. As a result, sadly the division has spread, and people do not want to go to church any more. Its sad. But thank god we still have the freedom to worship in our own home!!

Kate Feb 7, 2013 at 8:07 am Flag as inappropriate

Please pray for my daugher Theresa. She is 13 years old and is full of enrgy. She has a lot of attitude and has a lot to say. We are having difficulty with her in many areas at home and at school. She would rather socialize than being responsible around the house and at school. She is behind in school and at home she would rather watch tv, listen to music or ignore us. The conversations we have end up in yelling because she doesn't listen to us and would rather argue. We are in the process of looking for another church. The church we went to is not meeting our needs spiritually. Our daughter feels rejected by the youth group as well. Please pray for guidance, love, and understanding on both sides. I miss my little girl. The tension is just too much for me and my husband and we end up just walking away. I want to have a close relationship with her but don't know how to reach her. I know she is a blessing from God, I am just in a fog and forget that she is a gift from God. Thank you for praying.

Carol Allen Jan 9, 2013 at 8:28 am Flag as inappropriate

Please pray for Prashant 17yr old completing HSC. Bad company, drinking, smoking and drugs. Very rebellion..drifting away from God. We as a family have continued to love and embrace him..and am believing that Christ will take us through. It is very hurting and upsetting as two younger brothers are finding it difficult to cope as what their elder brother is doing. Please pray! pray! pray!. Lots of prophecies has been uttered over Prashants life....

Sharen Jun 13, 2012 at 6:42 am Flag as inappropriate

Please pray for my daughter Alyssa...up until a week ago her father and I had no reason not to trust her until I discovered she had been lying about her whereabouts. Since then I have discovered many other things. I know the word of God is deep rooted in her heart but right now it is buried so deep beneath the anger, resentment and lies of this world. She is such a beautiful girl and I know she is searching for something real in a world full of unreal people. My biggest fear is that I have to leave her at home while I am at work and my mind in on her constantly during that time, fearful she may try to leave or hurt herself. I know this is exactly what the enemy wants and I have started to call out positive affirmations in the place of the negative thoughts but it still hurts. The partying lifestyle and her friends have such a hold on her that she feels as if her world has ended. Please just pray for her and us.

Leigho67 May 31, 2012 at 10:11 am Flag as inappropriate

Please pray for my daughter Amber who turns 18 this Friday. She ran away from home angry, is only 3 weeks from graduating high school and has a soccer scholarship waiting for her. I don't know what evil touched her heart that would prompt her to make such a bad decision. She is a good girl that has been through a lot and she just broke. I feel like I was such a contributor to that even though I tried my best to guide her and give her every opportunity. I have asked God for forgiveness for whatever my part was in her misery. My heart is broken and I am so scared. Please lift her in prayer. That God remove the spirits of anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and rebellion and that he guides her safely back home.

Karlita May 7, 2012 at 9:27 am Flag as inappropriate

Please pray for my 17 year old....son he does not go to school anymore....I want to lift him up in prayer that the Lord removes the angers, stresses, negative behaviors and thinking....pray for him to have a positive outlook in everything he does in life, not just skateboarding, I am asking for prayer allowing him to seek the Lord for everything in his life, strength, guidance protection, allowing him to do something positive in life and praying that the Lord allows him to align with live a positive and Christ like life....In Jesus name I pray....

Nancy Apr 16, 2012 at 8:13 pm Flag as inappropriate

Please pray for my Daughter Adelle (13) that she comes back to Jesus and rejects the things peers (emo & dark things) are trying to impress on her.
That her eyes are open to good & evil (the difference) & God's Truth.. and that she hears Him in her heart!
That she will want to find new friends (soon) who really are Christians (not just by 'title')! I also pray that the kids she knows will have a hunger for The God of The Bible, and receive Him into their hearts. In Jesus Name!!!!

lana57 Feb 3, 2012 at 11:11 am Flag as inappropriate

11/17/11am: Praying that our daughter who is 17 will complete her studies to graduate from high school also, to occupy more of her time and help her become more disciplined and focused, find her a part-time job that will teach her responsibility then go on to college. Hoping all is in the will of the Lord and what He wants for her life. I ask that you stand in the gap and pray with us

Diana Nov 17, 2011 at 8:41 am Flag as inappropriate