Monday 5th Sept video inspired me to try again to give up smoking tobacco. my comments just having my last smoke Yahshua is for me and not against me

September 5, 2022 by Michelle   Comments (4)

Only ONE Hunger Shall Satisfy - JESUS - YouTube




Shalom just watching again, your encouraging me to give up tobacco so much, I have really bad memory problems through street and psychiatric drugs and obviously also the enemy of all Christians satan is always fighting to make us forget. Your title and your lecture remind me of this great truth from the Christian author of Narnia where Aslan is the Lion of Judah, C.S. Lewis he said - if you find yourself with a desire that nothing in this world will satisfy, the most probable explanation is that you were made for another world. I'm so sick and tired of the lukewarm attitude of me and many Christians. Yahshua delivered me from heroin miraculously before He started reaching out to me in relationship, I thought I was in Messiah but i was just having schitzophrenic delusions of granduer. Now it is real, I have been struggling hard for the last year or so and it has been a fight but like you often say it is meant to be a struggle sometimes we can't always just expect someone to lay hands on us and we are instantly transformed although I do believe that happens occassionally. I have had all the things in this world, sex and drugs and rock and roll as the song goes and it just left me empty and more dead, it is so addictive but it never truly satisfies you keep going back for more chasing the high of that first crack pipe but its just illusions and deception. I have had experiences with the Ruach HaKodesh and while it leaves me wanting more it also satisfies. I will allow the Truth to consume me, it hurts especially being shown the evil in my own heart but now I am getting past that and seeing the new heart I am getting like often promised in the Bible, being born again. I want die to myself die to my own desire be poured out and emptied buried and dead in concrete not a shallow grave that keeps rearing it empty ugly . head. I want go all out and not backslide anymore. Yahshua heart is breaking because of people like me. Nothing else in this world matters I spend all my time now doing Christian things all i care about is my Christian music of all genres, my Bible, I don't watch tv i only listen to Christian things on YouTube I have moments of great passion then I have a tobacco smoke and it all changes. No more He is worth so much more it's all or nothing time for me I can see whats coming, I believe your dreams about troops on american soil and aliens it's not the first report I have heard. More divine power to you and may the Ruach draw more people to your channel we really need to hear you, it's soul food.
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yes brother, keep talking about hell. I do too I often testify to the truth of the Psalm that says - Great is Your Mercy Adonai and You have delivered my soul from the lowest hell. I truly believe my soul was there while my body was here, I don't care who believes or doesn't I'm not sure exactly how it works but I have had the tormenting voices of schitzophrenia which is demon possession 24/7 I have felt the torture on my body. Just like the book of Isaiah says true believers are seated in heavenly places. Not only do these satan accuse us to the Father and accuse the brethren to each other but they accuse Yahshua to me telling lies about Him and His plan of Salvation. It's my own fault because I started doubting His goodness and questioning why there was so much poverty and racism in the world why humans had to go to hell. Now I know and remember He came to save us from hell and we are sending ourselves there. When I'm truly in His presence all my questions just die just fade away and so does this relentless tormenting desire to smoke. Hope you don't mind me taking up your comment boxes just want to use this chance to testify as I am coming to the end of my rebirth process in case anyone else is experiencing similar one day and needs a word of encouragement. You can get through it, with Yah everything is possible and nothing is impossible.

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