Messed up world.

September 12, 2021 by Satomi11   Comments (2)

God provides!

Well that's bible says.

Some of us start doubting?!?

Of course it's understandable.

Always worry about money

Always hungry

Can't pay rent, bills and buying foods.

No sense to tell anyone.

No one help you.

I know

I know

Yes, loosing hope!

I know you want to restore your life but road block

after road block.

I know that too.

I'm crying out to God everyday but

My situation is getting worse too.

I don't have any words to you but pray.

This world is messed up. Really messed up.

Don't worry!

You know Jesus is coming really soon.

We all answer to God .

This is not our home .

Heaven is.

Sending hug



thanks for sharing sister. So sorry your going through such a hard time I am praying for you constantly even though Im not on CBN much now except to post prayers. Im just under so much spiritual warfare, I know you are too as well as your dire financial problems. At least you have hope of the rapture, I have no hope if I cant deny my flesh get back into fasting and give up smoking. Thanks for your prayers for me and my family. God bless and change your situation.

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