Take me and my Dog!

September 23, 2021 by Satomi11   Comments (2)

God, I can't make it.

I can't make it in this world.

I am loosing everything because of money.

Don't take my dog way from me!

She is my lifeline of trials, God.

Do you love me?

Do you care about me, God?

I am a beggar now. Always hungry

Now i Will be homeless?

This is you want for me?!?

I am so hurt and discouraged

because of rejections and ignored .

even churches and any religious organizations.

Do you bless me miracles?

Do you bless me breakthroughs?

Please give me an opportunity to

restore / redeem my life with my dog.

and let me bring you Glory.

I pray peace in your arms

In name of Jesus









A lovely prayer. Are you ok? Are you and your dog ok? Please send me a letter. Sally

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