Health: Are You Being Processed to Death?

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Processed foods use man-made ingredients to prolong a product’s shelf life.  Unfortunately they may have the opposite effect on our lives! In this edition of A Closer Look: “Are You Being Processed to Death?” CBN Reporter Lorie Johnson gives you the facts on identifying processed foods and why we need to avoid them.

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Foods that have been ultraprocessed have been linked to an increased risk of noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, Drift Boss cardiovascular disease, and cancer, as well as all-cause mortality.

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A diet focused on whole, natural foods is generally considered healthier and can help reduce the intake of potentially fnaf harmful substances found in many processed foods. It's always a good idea to be informed about the food we eat and to make choices that support our overall well-being.

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I have Crohn's Disease and I'm prone to getting bleeding ulcers. Though it has been awhile since my last one, I have to watch what I eat. I went from beeing able to eat whatever I want (mostly I ate healthy with little to no fatty foods), to having to be on a special diet. The information given in posting is helpful on what kind of fats not to eat.

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