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Today marriages and families face a tremendous amount of stress. Give your marriage stability in the midst of the chaos. Here are principles you can apply right now for a strong, successful marriage.

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My wife moved out about 2 months ago and we have signed divorce papers. I am believing that God will restore our marriage. I am a true believer in Jesus Christ and so is my wife. She evens knows that she is doing wrong but says she cannot trust me anymore. I used to drink heavy but God has set me totally free and she has even seen what God has done but she says that the "in love feeling" has gone but I know that God can restore that. I have been through many battles in prayer about this going on 4 months now and it has been VERY hard but deep in my heart I believe that God is healing us. Maybe we can all agree for our situations and all have wonderful PRAISE reports. I have had to learn patience and that has been so hard I can't describe it. The battles and doubts that come to my head are so bad, not my heart but in my mind and it is hard trying to battle that but God wants to heal my marriage as well as yours. In Malachi, God says that he HATES divorce, well, I agree with him, SO DO I

moonrush Jun 27, 2011 at 3:15 pm Flag as inappropriate

Hi, I would like to join this discussion and get some other christian views on my situation

sam May 29, 2011 at 9:10 am Flag as inappropriate

Kerry, I know it's been almost a year since you posted that message about you and your wife having some difficulties. I hope things have been resolved and your marriage has been saved, but if you are still enduring hard times with her, you need to realise that people won't change unless they want to. You can pray that God have conviction on her heart, but if she doesn't want to change, you can't do anything to get her to see that she needs help. Most people that have issues think there is nothing wrong with them, but sometimes it takes God's divine intervention and conviction on the heart for people to realise that they have a problem, and they need help. You might want to look into counseling. My parents have had marriage issues since they were married, they are still together after 31 years, but my dad never thought he had a problem, and he didn't like counseling because he believes he doesn't have a problem. They became Christians a year before I was born, and my dad still struggles with admitting that he is wrong, and needs help. I truly hope that by now your wife has decided to seek help. If not, I am truly sorry. I will definitely be praying for you nonetheless. God bless, and take care!

Riniel Apr 1, 2011 at 5:48 pm Flag as inappropriate

we lives apart he comes home sometimes every 2 weeks or three
are communication is very poor we dont talk as much on the phone he all working i feel like i am losing my husband

favor1272 Mar 31, 2011 at 4:05 pm Flag as inappropriate

please pray for me and my husband to save our marriage and restore our love for each other and also pray for my husband coz i discover that my husband have an illicit affair and also pray for me to forgive therm and pray for my husband to know to know the Lord . pls pray for us. thank you so much

cez Mar 17, 2011 at 10:58 am Flag as inappropriate

Please pray that my marriage would

lee monroe Feb 15, 2011 at 8:54 am Flag as inappropriate

I have been invited as a panelist in a marriage/relashionship programme on the 13th of february ,please pray for me ,that God uses me as is instrument and vessel to speak on this .

aye Feb 1, 2011 at 8:42 am Flag as inappropriate

First off I will pray for all that I have read above.. I ask in return the same favor.

My wife moved out 4 months ago, and severed me with divorce papers. I pray that God will stop her from following through, to open her heart, to love me. There has been no cheating, or abuse (physical/verbal). yes there have been heated arguments in the past. I pray that God will let us forgive and forget past deeds done and embark on a new relationship with each other. I pray that God will intercede and show us the way to heal our marriage. I am pretty devastated over this, I love her deeply. she says she isn't in love, and that to many things have happened to want to try and restore. I pray that God move these mountains, and show me hope in standing for this marriage.. This too is our 2nd marriage each. Please pray for us! My name is Chris and her's is Isabella. I also have a son from my previous marriage, that this is affecting him too. His name is Devon.

Thank you-

Chris Jan 11, 2011 at 4:22 pm Flag as inappropriate

I am so ashamed to say." I don't love my husband. I am not nice to him. I do have reasons. He works so hard on our relationship and his pornography struggles. He is a good worker and a genital praying man. I try to be nice,kind and loving to him but I just dont feel it.I don't want a divorce I just want to love him. Please pray for us.

p3ggi3r Jan 7, 2011 at 5:10 pm Flag as inappropriate

It is Christmas time I have known for the last three months my wife is unhappy. She continued to talk about a spirit that has fell over her, as she talked i prayed. Well she has moved out. We have three lovely children, and it has taken its toll on them. I am trying to keep faith but I am fainting. Now that she is away, a piece of me is gone. I have to be strong for my children, but they are looking at me like daddy fix this. I just wish i knew how. All I do is pray. Very sad Very hurt Feel betrayed.

jayssonl88 Dec 29, 2010 at 1:40 pm Flag as inappropriate

Hello Everyone, This is the first time I have done this. My wife and I have been married for 6 1/2 years and prior to that we dated for 3 years. We just gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy in January. There where many complications to the birth, she lost alot of blood due to hemoraging. After 12 trips to 3 different hospitals ER's she has been diagnoced with non-epoleptic seizers which has no treatment. Lately my wife has been getting very upset and wants a divoce. I love my wife and my son very much and would do anything for them. She has been staying with her parents due to the fact the seizers and our house is under some major re-designing. She has some problems with her wrist and hips and just recently I have 2 problems with my right arm and my left knee, right foot and right knee. Even with these problems I am doing the work in the myself and work 2 jobs to make ends meat and take care of our son. We are stuggling financially and I have no idea where to turn. Please help us God to strengthen our marrage and to get back on our feet. Please take away all of my wifes anger and frustrationand help me be a better person. God please take away all of my sins and don't let me sin again. Pleas wash away all my sins and the sind of my wife help us be a happy family. All payers would be helpful

Jeffrey Dec 15, 2010 at 2:00 am Flag as inappropriate

I am not married yet. he proposed oct. three days before goin missin, well he was missing twenty minutes before his parents called and said he was in jail. All i wanted was for him to go to the hospital. Well they treated his ilness in that jail. the offenses were in two states, as driving during a mental breakdown can take you. he got out of newhamphire in sept. on his birthday. then on november 4th he went into maine. He gets out on the 16th. I got so many things prepared, I had been so excited for christmas. i have an appartment he is planning on stayin with my mother as he did before. he understands me, knows me, in everyway but with his family he is proud to be with me. he spends every christmas with them and easter and thanksgiving. he wont let me go. he wont ask if i can go. i could even take a greyhound and be there just one day, but he wont include me in his family. He's doin it again this year. marring him wont change that. i'm 33 and he's the only man i ever loved that loved me back. I have been faithful and loyal, his parents are fairweather friends. when he's doin bad they try for a while to talk him into doin better, and when that fails they abandon him. now he abandons me. but i havent abandoned him, i have suffered for him and with him, seen him fronm his pain to knowing his grace again. we are a good team, mostly. but because he doesnt want me arround his parrents they think i am crazy and forced his hand. i want to take the ring off on the 16th when he comes home right infront of his parrents and tell him all we are is girlfreind and boyfriend until you show me and your family that you love and put me first. i shouldnt do that. i think this has gone on year after year because i believed on day he would include me and show them hew accepts and loves me. i have a ring on my finger and i am unhappy. he is bieng selfish. i've had a year of suffering and pain and we arent married or with children. i havent had a happy engagment. marrying him wont make it better. I wish i could be in heaven right now and not have to hurt anymore, no one loves me like God does. on bad days anyways. He loves God i Love God but i might take off this ring. because i didnt want a fantasy. to be lead on. i wanted love. and he tells me if we had a car i'd be inclued we had a car i wasnt then either. his mom says if we lived up there it would be different. why would i want to move to be near them to get their acceptance? if they dont accept me and welcome me from where i am i have no buisness moving to thier town. they are a bit late wanting him now. if i leave he is homeless, disabled like me but since he cant get a job without my support he'll be back at the bottle then they'll abandon him again, and he'll have niether of us, just God. so i wish him and his parents would stop playing silly hurtful games with my life. There are ways to be fair about the holidays even with five hours apart. but they didnt even initiate a phone call to me since oct. i may day dream and think about wedding dresses, but i am not crazy and it was kyle's idea. its just he only talks about it with me and my family. thats why they think i invented this engagedment. and God help me this ring needs more than my help and nature to stay on my finger.

mylife's song Dec 12, 2010 at 3:09 am Flag as inappropriate

I have been married for almost 5 1/2 years now to the love of my life. We have been through some hard times since the day we decided to get married and we are still going through things. God has given us the strength to cope with everything on a daily basis. We have felt the strain on our marriage through all of it to the point of where I wanted out several times and I told my husband I did. I never did leave because of how much I love my husband. We were pretty much just going through the motions up until recently where it has gotten to be too much for both of us. I feel as though my husband no longer wants to be with me. He avoids me as much as possible. I try to reach out to him and there is no emotion. I now feel an emptiness inside me and all I can do is cry out to God and ask Him to restore our marriage. I know that we love each other and the way I feel is that God has brought us both through so much together why are we going to let the devil take our marriage now. Please help me pray that God saves our marriage and restores our home. Right now my home feels so cold and empty even though we are both here. We have a young son and had always wanted to have a daughter but now he tells me he has no desire to have more children with me. I need Gods strength through all of this as my hearts desire for a very long time has been to hold another child of our own.

Isabel Dec 5, 2010 at 12:37 am Flag as inappropriate

I have been married for 25 years. My husband has had an addiction to pornography since before I met him that I did not know about until after we married. He has refused to get rid of his pornography, or stay off of the porn sites online, and it is affecting our children. He also refuses to let me know anything about our finances, and there are so many bills he does not pay and almost every week I have to borrow money from my mother just to buy food. He flat out refuses to change this when I ask. I would love to have a chance for my kids to see normal life, especially our son. I do not want him growing up to think this is the way a man should behave. I have been praying for years, but to no avail... in fact, every year he gets deeper and deeper into the porn, and gets more and more posessive of "his" money. When it divorce allowable?

ksanita Nov 21, 2010 at 4:39 am Flag as inappropriate

We got along very well never fought and we talked out disagreements. My husband wanted to move 3000 miles back east and I did not. He verbally manipulated me by telling me that I never wanted to own a home that would be paid off. That was his reason to me for moving. Years after we moved here after things started going down hill, I heard him tell several people he moved back here because he wanted to hunt, that he loved hunting and that's why we moved . Gosh did that ever hurt my feeling. I can tell you that once we moved back here that every demon in hell can against us in so many different ways. I know it was an attack because I know who my husband will be and power that God will use and move thru him if he ever fully submitts his will and life to God and serving him for the glory of Gods kingdom, He will be an unstopable force for God. The emeny knows this. The enemy also knows how strongly I have always supported my husband, the enemy knows I would back my husband 100 % in his work for God. He knows my heasrt as well and knows how badly I want to be an unstopable force for Gods kingdom. The enemy has attacked us from every direction and for the longest time we held fast. The enemy came and stole my husbands belief and faith in god's people. We have watched so much back stabbing,lying,stealing,cheating and every kind of wrong in the church and by some of the people closest to us. One day my husband told me he had no respect for any man of God he knew(including his best friend & family members on both sides of our families. Also some of the ones the closest were the biggest enemies to our marriage and caused much trouble between my husband and my marriage. I have never been to hurt by deceit in my whole life. He stopped going to church, said he would never step into another church in his life. This totally broke my heart. I begged and pleaded with him for us to go somewhere anywhere even a different denomination of faith. I told him that we needed to go somewhere or we would fall and fail . He would not budge I was so hurt and insecure by this time I didn't have the strength to go ahead and go myself. I am forever deeply ashamed and feel like I fail God in this way. After that happened everything fell apart in our lives. My husband became addicted to drink & drugs. And became a slave to his sexual addictions.

Gizzelle Nov 6, 2010 at 8:47 pm Flag as inappropriate

(I have many things wrong with me physically such as daily pain through out my body, sleep problems, always tired never feeling fully rested or having much energy. I have to fight through it. Short & long term memory loss, I can remember things correctly I just really have to think about it and concentrate super intensely. I forget how to spell 3 letter words there is no spell check here so please forgive me for any misspelt words.) Unless my husband is the best liar and munipulator since the beginning of time next to Satan, He was not like this in the beginning. I know there has been many lies and secrets probably from the start. I never had but one boyfriend before my husband because I was raised to never marry or be joined unequally yoked. I never allowed myself to become attached to anyone, what was the point it would go nowhere because I would never go against this thing that God asks us not to do, because I know it will only begat heartache & misery. I met my husband when my family started a new church when I was 17yrs old. My husband Pablo would always flirt with me and started sitting with me every service(as friends) all the girls hated me because the only decent looking guys there were my husband and his brothers. We both have suffered thru abuse at home and we were both the first born and more was expected of us and basically we missed out on a lot that our sibblings didn't. In the beginning my husband was like my knight who saved me from the evil step parents. I relied on him greatly as well as he relied greatly on me. We got a long well and had a wonderful friendship first. He told me he was falloing in love with me and that scared me because I never had anyone tell me that and I had always felt so unloved as he did. I told him I was flattered but could not say the same at the time that I was confused and didnt understand what I was feeling and didn't want to hurt him, even though neither one of us could stand to be away from each other.

Gizzelle Nov 6, 2010 at 6:37 pm Flag as inappropriate

My heart aches for all my brothers & sisters in christ who sare suffering the same pain as I. I have been with my husband for almost 25 yrs I have loved him with all my heart and given him everything of me. He has cheated on me from what his family has told me the whole time we have been together. I have been verbally, mentally, & physically abused by him. He has several sexual addictions. I feel like my whole marriage has been nothing but a lie. He has tried everything to ruin my character and name. I have been through two mental breakdowns because of his treatment towards me. Every sin he has committed against me & our marriage he has mentally munipulated me into believing it has been all my fault. It's my fault he abuses me, cheats on me, lies on me, has sexual addictions such as porno,strip clubs,strippers,prostitutes,drug addiction,drinking addiction,stealing,abnormal extremly high multiple times per day masterbation problem,drugdealer and on and on.

Gizzelle Nov 6, 2010 at 6:12 pm Flag as inappropriate

Please don't give up. Pray and pray hard. Seek the advice of leadership at your church. I have been divorced once and my husband twice. I am 30 and he is 34. We both came from dysfunctional familes and were both on our way down that same path. It is not easy to learn how to be married. It isn't easy to choose to love someone. Love is not a feeling. We have been together 5 years and already separated once and were on our way to a 2nd final time. He has lied to me, I've taken off on him. We have serious trust issues that we are only overcoming with God. No problem is too big for the Lord. Don't give up, even if the other one seems to have given up. And to the individual who asked why preachers don't preach on divorce. That is because we are supposed to be against what God hates and He hates divorce. I know those are strong words. To say there is no guilt that goes along with a divorce is incorrect for the majority of people. I do believe that God will forgive you because you repent of the sin. When you repent of the sin you resolve to never do that again. So in my marriage now we have both gotten down on our knees and repented of our sins together and agreed to stick to this marriage no matter what. Divorce is not an option. With that being said, God also knows you can't control another person. If they have left and will not come back, they will answer to God for their sins. Do not take this lightly though, make sure to be in counseling with the leaders of your church and that the counseling lines up with the Word not any manmade writings. God knows your heart and will bless you for sacrificing yourself for your spouse. I will be praying for each of you to be on God's path and that His will would be done.

Cassie Oct 18, 2010 at 1:26 am Flag as inappropriate

my wife left me 3 months ago she said i didnt pay enough attention to her but i love my wife she left and fly to flordia she is living with another man cometting adultry i love my wife and what her back could all you brothers and sisters agree with me to get my wife back her name is judith my name is jim i have been a christian for 11 weeks i love the lord and what my marriage back thank you and God bless you all

jimt Oct 7, 2010 at 1:48 pm Flag as inappropriate

Hello, I'm sorta in the same boat as Kerry above. My wife has told me she no longer loves me and that she wants to move on. We have been married 16yrs, and it has been up an down. I have never stopped loving my wife, but sometimes I lack in showing it. I have turned to God like i always do for help, and I pray that his will be done in my life. Please pray for us, I know it is never too late, for God can do anything.

Dave R Oct 4, 2010 at 11:39 am Flag as inappropriate

I have been married almost 23 years. I am saved and my husband is not. When I first became saved I really struggled with trying to be righteous and doing what the bible commands us to, however Satan working through my husband made it almost impossible and unbearable, and eventually I fell away. I rededicated my life to Christ and although my husband is still not saved I have renewed faith, strength, and a deeper love for God. In spite of my chronic health issues, did I also mention my husband is an alcoholic, my inability to find work since 2006 (although I have a bachelor's degree), etc., I know that God is the one that provides me that strength and guidance to get through every day, while he works on the issues in my life. In the meantime, I suggest some awesome books to read to aid you in getting through the trial and tribulations of married life. They are: Stomie Omartian's "Praying Through the Deeper Issues of Marriage" and "The Power of Praying Husband", and The Power of a Praying Wife", and lastly, but not least R.A. Torrey's "How to Pray". The books are great and I know they will change you and your marriages. I pray that you will read these books with vigor, restored belief in making everything anew, applying the biblical principals to your relationships, and benefit from them the way God has intended. God bless all of your relationships...and mine.

adoremee2003 Sep 15, 2010 at 3:58 pm Flag as inappropriate

My husband and I are both in our second marriage and have been married for 2 in a half years. He confessed 4 months ago that he was having an affair. He wouldn't stop so after 4 months I kicked him out. Now, he is living with her. I am suffering so much. His heart is stone cold right now. I have been in constant prayer and will continue but sometimes feels like it's so much for me to handle. During the midst of all this, I got fired from my job. I just couldn't function. I miss my husband dearly and the worst part is that she is a teacher in my kids school. Please pray for me for strength to go through this while I stand in my marriage. Please pray for my husband to humble himself to the LORD and repent. Please pray for him to come back home and for the restoration of my marriage.

1jason1 Sep 13, 2010 at 6:52 am Flag as inappropriate

I dated a guy for a few years. We have not spoken for the last three months. I have moved on and started dating others. However, I still love him and have always felt he was the one. I need God's guidance.

Mrs. Breakthru Sep 8, 2010 at 12:31 pm Flag as inappropriate

im having alot of trouble with my husband, and im worried because we have only been married for 2 years. i have accepted the lord as my god and savior, but my husband has not and when i talk to him about god it seems he gets mad at me. i have a baby and i take him to church with me because i want him to grow up knowing god and accepting god as his savior. i just want my husband to believe and accept jesus, so we can be a strong and christian family. god has a purpose for evryone and i know god wants me to be strong and stand by my husband and hopefully threw me he can come to the lord.

wendy, Aug 10, 2010 at 4:31 am Flag as inappropriate

I'd hope this would work for couples who are also not married. Things have been shaky between my boyfriend and I. I am hoping and praying to find something to help us. I've never had love before and I finally got it with him and I really believe God sent him my way for a reason. I've never been loved before. I grew up with a very hard life and always just wanted to be loved and every night I prayed to God to bring a man in my life to love me the way I deserve and I finally have that and i am very scared that things could get worse and I really don't want that.

Nicole Jul 14, 2010 at 11:45 pm Flag as inappropriate