The Lord will come through

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Thank you Lord for hearing me. I thank you for new revelation every day about what I need to be in you and what I need to do to order my steps according to your will. God heal all open wounds from the past. I bind the spirit of rejection and loosen your spirit of being whole in you. I bind the spirit of hurt and loosen your Spirit of Joy in me. I bind the spirit of self pity and loosen your Spirit of Strenght in my life. God I bind the spirit and want to my flesh and loosen your Spirit of contentment in you and your Holy word in my life as well as Trust in my life.

God thank you for opening my spiritual eyes and leading me into your truth. I am convinced that you will show me more and more each day as I seek you. It is my desire to be the child you have called me to be. I love you God and know your plans are perfect for my life.

Help me not to fret or have anxiety about anything not to have a concern about anything. You are my first Love and I seek you for wisdom and knowledge. God you alone can be the Help and restorer of my live. I ask for forgivness of not eating what I was supossed to today. I was weak and gave into my flesh. I know you are a forgiving God and just because I am sick I know I could have kept on with not eating with yeast. I ask you will forgive me and see my heart wanting to keep going. I will not let those two brezels and bites of cheese pizza stop me from finishing STRONG. I will go and move towards the finish line with you as my help and director. I pray what you have in store for me, I can still receive and you will look pass my mess up today of eating that food. Please, forgive me I urge you. I feel bad that I did that.

God I will not condem myself but continue to move forth, I fell and you helped me back up and now I am walking with your help again and more that ever determand to finish STRONG.

Today is day#4 I believe at the end of this fast I will know who my earthly husband is and whom you have chosen to propose to me. I believe you will touch Jamaal's heart and give him the desires of his heart according to your word. My finances will ALL be taken care of... I shall be debt free. No more bills. I will have money enough to put on the side. I will be able to take the kids on a vacation after their own heart, beautiful and more than we could ever expected it to be. I believe it and receive it. THANK YOU LORD I am excidet and in expectation everyday for you to reveal your promises to me :)))

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