God is Faithful

April 11, 2011 by virtuous79   Comments (39)

I am so joyful in my heart to know God is watching over me! I mean I may not get the answers my flesh so desires... but I know that I trust God and all his plans for me! He has nothing but the best intesions for me. Glory to the only one and true living God. Father arise in me and let your light so shine before men that they may see your great works in my.

I must say I am had a prayer request and God answered me... not the way I wanted to, but I am joyful to know my God loves me and keeps in every circumstance. So, for that I am grateful and joyful.

I am excidet to see what God has instore for me as his child. I will continue to wait on God in all things and lean not unto my own understanding but in ALL things acknowledge him. I love God so and consider him my best friend, my father, my LOVE, and the greatest gift ever received. I thank God in advance for every test every trial in my life. Yes, enemy I rejoyce in God for all things I will be going through. I am building myself up in my most Holy Faith and pray in the Spirit. I know my God will provide all my needs accordíng to his riches in Jesus my Lord and Saviour.

Today is day#6: I am happy in God and I believe in this fasting and praying time with him... He will open the door of truth for me even wider. Thank you God for all the face to face time with you. Thank you for destorying the yokes that I carried along with me in the last few weeks. I am now light because I lay them all at your feet. What is for me of you, is for me... no man can take it away. And what is not for me, is not for me and Lord keep far away from me. You are Holy and Just and faitful in all your ways. LEt me have the ears so I can hear and open my eyes so I can see in the Spirit what is really going on. I believe and ask that at the end of this fast by friday 12 midnight I will know who my husband will be and that my bills are all gone and I am debt free. I thank you for making my faith even stronger and I will doubt not no matter what.

God please answer my prayer

April 10, 2011 by virtuous79   Comments (34)

I am laying here asking and wondering God are you going to hear me. And if there is anything that I have done to sin against you or your word show me please, I don't want no sin of mine to seperate you from me. I know how much you don't like sin... and I too cannot stand it. I ask for forgivness for all sin I have ever commited against you God. Please, do not hide from me. I ask in Jesus name that you show me your mercy and grace today. God I ask you hear my prayers and please answer me.

You know I am waiting on you to show me how to further proceed and what to do. God I ask you speak to me so I can understand you. I don't want to miss out on anything you have for me to know.

My hearts desire is to have no want besides what your will is for my life. I know you are my joy. God be my joy now, please in Jesus name. Let me not grow weary in well doing. I love you God and seek you in every sort of way I can think of. I meditate on you word day and night. You are the source I call to be mine in all things.

Father touch my heart and show me your plans for me life. Where will I work... Where will I be... What is my calling in you. Who will be my husband and when will I get married. You have placed Jamaal into my life. He is a warrior for you as I have never seen a man before. He loves you so. And I am asking you for a man that will except me for me and my children. God but most important has a heart of worship for you God. And he loves you so. I pray for his well being and total commitmnet to you. God open our hearts and pour out a blessing from above into them. I want to call him and write him, but you have not told me to do so... I am waiting and waiting on you God. I want to show you that I am obidient to you not to my flesh or my want. Your plans are perfect and make us whole. I want to be whole in you more than anything else. But if you allow me to, I ask that you will let him know that he is in my heart and mind and prayers. Let him not forget about me as I will not forget about him. Love on him and provide all his needs. Protect him and his loved ones all around the world. I pray I am a blessing to him even when I don't speak to him right now out of obidience to you God. I love you God and have mercy please.

Today is day#5 and I will  not stop believing in Chance. I will chance for your good God. I want to satisfy you in all I do. I love you God and need your guidance. Today I stand and believe I am new in you. You will show me who is my perfect husband you selected for me. Today I believe you will give me answers in your time not mine. But I believe in breakthrough in my life. In Jesus name. I will be married and debt free. In Jesus name AMEN

The Lord will come through

April 9, 2011 by virtuous79   Comments (124)

Thank you Lord for hearing me. I thank you for new revelation every day about what I need to be in you and what I need to do to order my steps according to your will. God heal all open wounds from the past. I bind the spirit of rejection and loosen your spirit of being whole in you. I bind the spirit of hurt and loosen your Spirit of Joy in me. I bind the spirit of self pity and loosen your Spirit of Strenght in my life. God I bind the spirit and want to my flesh and loosen your Spirit of contentment in you and your Holy word in my life as well as Trust in my life.

God thank you for opening my spiritual eyes and leading me into your truth. I am convinced that you will show me more and more each day as I seek you. It is my desire to be the child you have called me to be. I love you God and know your plans are perfect for my life.

Help me not to fret or have anxiety about anything not to have a concern about anything. You are my first Love and I seek you for wisdom and knowledge. God you alone can be the Help and restorer of my live. I ask for forgivness of not eating what I was supossed to today. I was weak and gave into my flesh. I know you are a forgiving God and just because I am sick I know I could have kept on with not eating with yeast. I ask you will forgive me and see my heart wanting to keep going. I will not let those two brezels and bites of cheese pizza stop me from finishing STRONG. I will go and move towards the finish line with you as my help and director. I pray what you have in store for me, I can still receive and you will look pass my mess up today of eating that food. Please, forgive me I urge you. I feel bad that I did that.

God I will not condem myself but continue to move forth, I fell and you helped me back up and now I am walking with your help again and more that ever determand to finish STRONG.

Today is day#4 I believe at the end of this fast I will know who my earthly husband is and whom you have chosen to propose to me. I believe you will touch Jamaal's heart and give him the desires of his heart according to your word. My finances will ALL be taken care of... I shall be debt free. No more bills. I will have money enough to put on the side. I will be able to take the kids on a vacation after their own heart, beautiful and more than we could ever expected it to be. I believe it and receive it. THANK YOU LORD I am excidet and in expectation everyday for you to reveal your promises to me :)))

A supernatural provision

April 6, 2011 by virtuous79   Comments (92)

Oh give thank's unto the Lord for his mercy is a new as the rising of the sun. Thank you Lord for your tender Love and Grace. I am renewed today and fully equipet to do your work. These wonderful brothers and sisters here on CBN and close by have been nothing but an encouragment to me yesterday. I thank you for placeing all that I needed yester into their heart and mind. They openly shared it with me. I know that it was nothing but you God. I am happy and excidet to see, the breakthrough in my life. I know you have something great in store for me. I am leaning on you God in all things.

Today is day#2 for me to step out in the Faith you have so willingly provided for me. I am believeing that I will know who my husband is at the end of this seeking you time. I know that you will provide me with all I need, supernatural. Even if men try to hinder me in convincing me of something different, then what you have prophesid. I will be a bride. I am a bride to be. I am transformed by the renewing of my soul, mind, heart and Spirit! I will that virtuous woman that you have called me to be. My finances will be good. I will have an increase of money coming my way, to pay ALL my bills. I will be able to take to kids on a beautiful, breathtaking vacation, that you will provide for us. Thank you God for giving me hope and dreams. Thank you for visions and promises that will be perfect in you. I believe it all will be by Faith, and in Faith I ask in Jesus name and it will be supernatural. AMEN

I love you God!

Praying and believing God for a supernatural blessing of a husband

April 5, 2011 by virtuous79   Comments (57)

I do get lonly in being single. But not lonly as a person, if that makes sense. I know God is always with me and he is my first Love and ultimate husband. He has placed the desire to become a wife in me. I always felt like I am not good enough to be a wife, but by the Love of God I know there is a man after his own heart out there for me. I don't know if God has already placed him in my life or not... I am enduring the time with Christ's love until he reveals his Child to me. God give me strenght and new hope to trust you and know that I can believe you for supernatural blessing such as a husband after your own heart and my desires you placed within me. God help me to remain in you no matter what. Help me to not get discouraged in waiting on you. Do not let me lean on flesh or me, but in all things acknowledge you.

Day#1: I believe that by the end of my fast I will have a husband revealed to me supernatural!