God please answer my prayer

April 10, 2011 by virtuous79   Comments (4)

I am laying here asking and wondering God are you going to hear me. And if there is anything that I have done to sin against you or your word show me please, I don't want no sin of mine to seperate you from me. I know how much you don't like sin... and I too cannot stand it. I ask for forgivness for all sin I have ever commited against you God. Please, do not hide from me. I ask in Jesus name that you show me your mercy and grace today. God I ask you hear my prayers and please answer me.

You know I am waiting on you to show me how to further proceed and what to do. God I ask you speak to me so I can understand you. I don't want to miss out on anything you have for me to know.

My hearts desire is to have no want besides what your will is for my life. I know you are my joy. God be my joy now, please in Jesus name. Let me not grow weary in well doing. I love you God and seek you in every sort of way I can think of. I meditate on you word day and night. You are the source I call to be mine in all things.

Father touch my heart and show me your plans for me life. Where will I work... Where will I be... What is my calling in you. Who will be my husband and when will I get married. You have placed Jamaal into my life. He is a warrior for you as I have never seen a man before. He loves you so. And I am asking you for a man that will except me for me and my children. God but most important has a heart of worship for you God. And he loves you so. I pray for his well being and total commitmnet to you. God open our hearts and pour out a blessing from above into them. I want to call him and write him, but you have not told me to do so... I am waiting and waiting on you God. I want to show you that I am obidient to you not to my flesh or my want. Your plans are perfect and make us whole. I want to be whole in you more than anything else. But if you allow me to, I ask that you will let him know that he is in my heart and mind and prayers. Let him not forget about me as I will not forget about him. Love on him and provide all his needs. Protect him and his loved ones all around the world. I pray I am a blessing to him even when I don't speak to him right now out of obidience to you God. I love you God and have mercy please.

Today is day#5 and I will  not stop believing in Chance. I will chance for your good God. I want to satisfy you in all I do. I love you God and need your guidance. Today I stand and believe I am new in you. You will show me who is my perfect husband you selected for me. Today I believe you will give me answers in your time not mine. But I believe in breakthrough in my life. In Jesus name. I will be married and debt free. In Jesus name AMEN

Hi, I'm new to the site. Your prayer touched me. I can relate. Your right God knows best and at the right time he will move you. I pray for you and I know with out a doubt you will be lead by the Spirit. God is probably setting the stage for your right now, without your knowing.

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Hi, Kristi... thank you soooo much for your warm and encouraging words. Just know that I thank you and feel honored to have a sister such as yourself in Christ. Your a blessing and may God bless you and keep you all the days of your life.
I love you with the heart of Christ.

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