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Today&rsquo.s marriages and families face a tremendous amount of stress. . Give your marriage stability in the midst of the chaos. . Here are principles you can apply right now for a strong, successful marriage.

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This is the most wonderful thing i have ever experience and i need to share this great testimony.
About how i get my ex husband after a breakup.
I never believed it, because i never heard nor learn anything about it before.
My name is Willie B. Garcia from US Florida
I'm so excited sharing this testimony here about how I got my ex husband back after a long time break up that almost led to a divorce all thanks to Dr Ahmed for his wonderful help. Am a woman who love and cherish my husband more than any other thing you can imagine on earth. My husband was so lovely and caring after 3 years of marriage he was seriously ill and the doctor confirm and said he has a kidney infection that he needed a kidney donor, that was how I start searching for who can help, doctor has given me a periodic hour that he will live just 24 hours left, that was how I ask the doctor if I can be of help to my husband that was how he carried out the text, the confirming was successful, I was now having this taught that since 3 years now we got married I have not be able to get pregnant, can I ever get pregnant again? That was the question I ask the doctor, he never answer his response was did you want to lost your husband? I immediately reply no I can't afford to lose him. After the operation my husband came back to live and was healthy I was also ok with the instruction given to me by the doctor, after 3 months my husband came home with another lady telling me, that is our new wife that will give us kids and take care for us, that was how I was confused and started crying all day, that was how my husband ran away with his new wife cleanable. Since then I was confuse don't know what to do that was how I went back to the doctor and tell him everything, he told me that, this is not just ordinary, it must be a spiritual problem that was how he gave me this Email: that I should tell he all my problem that he can help, that was how I contacted he and I do as instructed.  After 22 hours and I have done what he ask me to do, my husband start searching for me and went back to the doctor, that was how he came back to me, he also told me not to worry that I will get pregnant, this month making it ten Months I contacted he, and am now having a baby of nine months and 2 weeks old all thanks to Dr Ahmed for his help that is why I have put it as a must for me to spread the news about Dr Ahmed is a place to resolve marriage/relationship problems? Contact: E-mail: Call him or what’s-app: +2348160153829 stay bless 

Willie B. Garcia 7 days ago Flag as inappropriate

I was engaged and living with my boyfriend for 5 yrs. He had lost his license and then his job. I ended up losing hours at my job and times got rough he began doing drugs pretty heavy. We fought all the time over nothing. I loved him unconditionally and i know he loved me. Well in middle of nov. Right after fight he walked out on us. Stayed in room with me until 10:30 when his ride got here. He couldve waited in his man room in garage. On front porch or even in living room but he layed on top of bed beside me saying and being mean trying get me to fight him. Then as he left he shouted thru house he loved me and he repeated that 3 times. Now hes doing drugs staying at a not so "nice place" being tempted with alcohol and drugs and being used. I think he thinks thats all hes worthy of but i never discouraged him ect. He told people he loved us but we have easier without him. I dont understand why he even left and why the day he did his arguement was so fierce and his fighting was so mean and evil that wasnt the kind of man he was. Im so hurt and confused i just want prayers he gets away from these people gets off drugs remembers our love joy and happiness b4 drugs took over and fighting began. Remember i love him unconditionally we want and need him back we forgive him and wait here with open arms for him to come back home

Debbie Apr 8, 2017 at 11:24 pm Flag as inappropriate

Hello Everyone,

We are praying for your guidance, strength, Wisdom and the healing of your relationships and marriage. As you prayerfully seek the Lord: Here is a link that I'm sure you will find helpful.

In the book of Hosea it was God our father that brought that marriage back together. Seek the Lord he will help and provide counsel.

CBN Debra

CBN.COM ADMIN Feb 20, 2017 at 3:56 pm Flag as inappropriate

I recently came to the Lord and Is really committed to stay in Christ as my savior. Its a very Rare situation where I am Born Again and my wife is still from this world. Its not easy to deal with her drinking habits as when she is drunk Satan starts revealing himself. I would like us all to pray together. A prayer of faith as the book of mark 11:24 states. She needs to come to Jesus > My dream is for myself and my house to praise the Lord.

DEAN Oct 21, 2015 at 7:35 am Flag as inappropriate

I been married for 17 years and my marriage's been through so much that you can imagine. From me finding out that I was bi-polar after having an affair to my husband turning to drugs do to the pain that this caused, and him having a relationship with another women. We also been through lies and distrust. At this point our relationship is very damaged but the one thing that is still here is that we realized that we love each other so much that we still want to save our marriage. I pray to God that he shows my husband that I love him with all my heart and I'm faithful to him and that he stops his drug addiction. I know with the help of our lord we can save our marriage. Please pray for us.

faithlady36 Sep 9, 2015 at 4:15 pm Flag as inappropriate

Married since August 9,2015, after dating and living together 7 years, my wife decided to have an affair at a new job she got in the prison system. Now she wants a divorce after seeing this man for 5 months. She has never had a good job with health benefits and able to get her nails and hair done weekly. One month she say's she wants a divorce then the next she does not. She has a lot of health problems that just developed since working this job and now has depression, stress and anxiety and on several meds. Is this the devil trying to destroy our marriage? Please let me know and pray for us.

Tim Apr 22, 2015 at 8:38 am Flag as inappropriate

Iam married for 16years. And my husband keeps on telling me that He love me and my children but being contradict to what he is acting. He is not responsible enough for the needs of our family. He got a better job, better salary but when he get tired He just stop.for almost being with him. Most of the time he keeps secret and making lied to me.He steal money from me. He is just so irresponsible. I never expeience to have his salary.He just keep that wound in my heart deeper and deeper. I just really need God to take over in mylife. Without God I can't do anything and Without all the prayers I might give up .I love my family and keep what the word of the Lord says what God has joined together let not man put a sunder. I don't want to end up our marriage in annulment process.

mhay cruz Nov 15, 2014 at 7:12 am Flag as inappropriate

Thank you CBN for these resources and articles! Having someone to call 24/7 and pray in agreement with me means more than I can say! I know that CBN has been instumental in keeping my marriage awesome in Christ!

princessesp Jan 7, 2014 at 11:55 am Flag as inappropriate

“CBN does not officially endorse other individuals or organizations. Please look to the Lord Jesus Christ and your pastoral leaders to lead you in whom to support. You will find that God’s primary means of giving us guidance is the Bible. Please read the CBN teaching sheet, “How Does God Guide People?”

CBN.COM ADMIN Aug 7, 2013 at 12:46 pm Flag as inappropriate

Love marriage gives a feeling of relief and sigh in the heart and mind of those who really care for their life partner. If they don't they can never become satisfied in their life and also will never get a perfect life partner..

Vicky Sharma Mar 12, 2013 at 5:38 am Flag as inappropriate offers Biblically-based support for anyone married, divorced, or separated.

Feb 14, 2013 at 11:25 pm Flag as inappropriate

If you want PEACE and LOVE in your marriage.
Then each person in the marriage is responsible for contributing
for the health of the marriage, and not looking to the other for the
fulfillment of the happiness, but giving of yourself to the other.
If each are looking out for their PARTNER in their marriage instead
of their own desires, then your desires will be met without seeking your
own desires, because if you put the other first before yourself, and the other
does the same then the LOVE will FLOW without effort, because EACH are
being responsible for the LOVE given to the OTHER comes back tenfold.
We found this TRUE in our marriage. The more I give my wife, the more she
gives back to me. But I do not do this out of greed I do this because I love her.
The more I seek HER NEEDS first before mine, she gladly reciprocates the same
without me even mentioning my needs, she automatically does without any expectations from me. The LOVE really flows easily.

We must get rid of EGO! EGO definition : EDGE GOD OUT !!!
EGO & GOD do not mix!

SO Get rid of EGO and Get GOD into your marriage.
LOVE will really abound! In Jesus name. Amen!

4jesus4ever Jan 8, 2013 at 1:34 pm Flag as inappropriate

We have 8 blessed children. 4 Daughters and 4 Sons, and we THANK GOD/JESUS everyday for blessing us with such a rich inheritance, as CHILDREN ARE from the LORD! Amen!

4jesus4ever Jan 8, 2013 at 1:28 pm Flag as inappropriate

My wife and I have been married 20 years as of this June 26th 2013 (since 1993).
In the first 10 years we had many ups and downs. In fact, it has been in the past few years that we have BOTH really matured in our Love and Marriage because we have truly more matured in our walk in Jesus. The years before we walked in ego and selfishness excluding Jesus as the center, there were discord and unrest. But then the second half our marriage that JESUS was and is the CENTER of our MARRIAGE, Our marriage has been full of LOVE and BLISS! AMEN!

4jesus4ever Jan 8, 2013 at 1:27 pm Flag as inappropriate

As i'm reading all the posts here, i notice that there's trouble in many marriages, i myself had problems and God brought restoration after i trusted only Him to do it for us, and everyday satan brings new chalenges to destroy our marriage, the fact that my husband backslidden make things a lot difficult and satan want me to be concerned about our problems and to get angry at God for allowing these things to happen, i decided i will never blame God for my problems neither will i leave God, i can loose it all in life but i cant afford to loose Jesus, Hes too precious to loose. Im praying for all of you, remember you're not alone, Jesus knows what we're going through, and remember Heaven is waiting for us, the problems of this world will always be there. Be blessed all of you, i love you

Vicky Jun 28, 2012 at 7:58 am Flag as inappropriate

Prayer for my relationship. My fianice & I have been together for going on 13 yrs I love him with all my heart. But in the past we have had alot of problems. After our 10yr twins were born we began to use meth heavly. which lead to him & I to fight. which I assume also lead him to cheat many time. we both ended u in Jail for possession of a controlled substance under a gram ( less than a sweeten low package). Thank God his parents took our twins & we didn't loose them. afer the both of us being in & out of jail & prison we have decided to give it another try. I have been out of prison for 5 yrs & he is in prison but I feel God working in our lives. So I just ask for prayer for our relationship. So that when he come home we are able to marry & raise our children. who by the way I have had back home with me 2 yrs now & Loving it.

Thank You for ur time & prayer,

Mandy AndersEn

Mandy Rena'e Jun 8, 2012 at 11:56 pm Flag as inappropriate

I have been married for 8 yrs. My husband recently stated to me that he don't know how to deal with temptation and admitt to cheating. It has been an torn between the family and children. I am a christian but he isn't and it has been hard talking to him at times. Yes I want prayer. Yes I know the devil comes to steal kill and destroy. I have been strong in the Lord and I have been praying constantly. I do trust and believe in God. Yes I love him and I want our marriage to take a chance. God join us together for a reason. Yes my situation is sad bc he left me with all the bills and I am in so much debt. I have to work at least clost to 100 hrs to pay all the bills and have money left over for gas food and etc. I am a faithful wife and I love the Lord. I just ask for your prayers. Thank you... my family needs prayer my husband needs prayers also.

Collins May 28, 2012 at 9:13 am Flag as inappropriate