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Thank you CBN & all prayer warriors. Lord I pray for salvation, deliverance, healing. Heal our land (USA) choose the right man for the presidency. Father may we humble ourselves before you, may we recognize your love, goodness, glory, may we give you praises for all you did in the past, present & future. We are engraved in the palm for your hand, you have our hairs numbers. You are God almighty, the alpha the omega, beginning & end, there is no one like you. Thank you for unfailing love, patience, forgiveness, mercy, grace. You know our deepest desires of our hearts & you & you alone can answer our prayers. We have believed in your son who shed his blood at Calvary for all of our sins. Hear our cry, we love you so much, you are everything, you are in control of it all. I give you praise, honor & glory. Thank your Holy Spirit, which guides us. I ask all this in the precious name of Jesus Christ, the messiah, the savior of the world. Amen!!!

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Be blessed all in Jesus name!
I pray for God intervention at my workplace, that He stop gossips and open the eyes of those that are addicted to gossip at my workplace. Pray for me that God will use his mighty power to lift me up, and transfer me a better-rewarding job at a different work environment. May He bless me with wonderful colleagues that don't gossip, but helping others to succeed and trusting God. Please help me to forgive those that did wrong to me. Change the hearts of those that planning to hurt me and bless them. Pray for me that God open the ears of my heart to hear his words, may He give me wisdom to understand and pass the remaining modules B201 and B301. My he gives me new ways of financial management and time management. Father God, I pray that you open for me new windows of opportunities to go work overseas. God Almighty place me in the spotlight of potential employers that are seeking employees of my characters. I live in Africa, and I am finishing my Hon. in Business studies with the Open University of UK via distance learning. In Jesus name I pray, Amen Amen!

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God I come to you today asking you to forgive me for all of my sins. God help me to forgive the peoples that wrong me. God I pray that you help me to forgive Amy (Daughter) god you know all that I been going thru with Amy god please give us the heart to forgive each other. God I come before you this morning I put Amy in your hands please take her out of mind and life. Please pray for us. My enemies destroyed my family over a house that was giving to me.

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I am praying to have discernment concerning a job offer i recently received. i am so uncertain if I should leave my job now. I am so fearful of not having enough money to pay my debts. I am unable to make good decisions right now. I want to live my life as God would have me, yet I still sin so much. I pray for knowledge of His will and also to get to the place in life that i am not so self absorbed with my problems and unable to witness to others. I want to pray for others not just myself. amen, in Jesus name.

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Please pray for some one I know that would break off a friendship with Melinda. This person might be trying to change this Christian man into a religion which is not based on the Bible, nor they believe in Jesus. By the power of the Holy Spirit & the blood of Christ. I call it done. in Jesus name. Amen.

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Heavenly father forgive our sins, set me free from evil thoughts which drag me to hell, deliver us from devil’s hand, heal & restore us, convict my husband to confess his sin, break his evil relationship, destroy all his evil plans, help my daughter in her study, give her wisdom & knowledge, protect us from all infection, keep us healthy & happy, protect my job, help me at my work place, provide me finance, hide identity,IJN Amen

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Pray for our nation that this country will turn to God

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I'm in need of prayer I recently lost my job, my housing, and my kids. Pray that I get a good job so I can get my housing, and kids back. Thank you...

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'm in need of prayer I recently lost my job, my housing, and my kids. Pray that I get a good job so I can get my housing, and kids back. Thank you...

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Please pray for me and my husband he need your prayer.. His been in big mess and now his hurting us ,his real family . He did'nt come home yet.. Pleae talk to Him Jesus clear his mind that we are his family . Our son love him and I love him too.. We don't know or I don't know what to do anymore.. I've prayed O Jesus please help our family..

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Good morning everyone please pray for my family. The lord been answering my prayers lately but the devil trying to ease his way back into our lives. My mother & her boyfriend are in a abusive relationship since I was in the 2nd grade. As of today I am 17 years old of age I'm just really tired of going threw this my little brother are 7 & 5 years olds & don't need to be in this environment anymore please everyone pray for my family & pray that we get out this messy situation they need to go their separate ways & live happy without each other please everyone pray for us God bless

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CBN, may God almighty bless you, may he give you all the desires of your hearts. May he give you all the strenght to pray for all the prayer requests and give you wisdom to inspire, teach and comfort us. Thankyou God for an amazing network like CBN to comfort us and inspire us through all the amazing testimonies. May your name be glorified in all that we do,in Jesus name amen!

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Thank you for always be there for me. Love you and all you do.

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Please pray for a job situation and the work environment. There is alot of strife between workers. I would like to go some where else but God has not opened the door. I pray for wisdom and strength. Also I have a papers to complete this weekend. I can accomplish these papers without difficulty and my thoughts will be clear of all anxiety and fear. Thank you. God Bless.

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Thank you Jesus for your protection one of my nephews arrived on Sunday to Oregon after driving over 2 days. The other one will be leaving to Alaska on Friday. I know your plan will be completed in both of their lives. I pray for same protection in Jesus name. Amen.

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Please pray for restoration of my marriage. I had been in contact with my ex husband for a year, but I haven't heard from him in 2 months. I am believing for God to continue to work in a deeper level in his life and also mine. I strongly believe that God is and will continue to be in total control of his emotions & feelings that he will see God's purpose in his life. God doesn't make mistakes, he always knows what he is doing behind in the scenes, in Jesus name Amen.
I ask you protect him, guard his mind, soul & body. I give you all praise, glory & honor.

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Pray for a healed immune system and my eyes and eyelids,Amen

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Please pray for my prostate. It is swollen and the doctors are not addressing this issue. I know that God is my healer! Praise Him!

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Daddy God I pray for CBN that You make their ministry most effective continue to give them wisdom anointing and werewithall to do this ministry Raise the financing andd praying partners You have ordained to join hands with them Most of all, cause all those you lead them to help to come to know You through the love CBN demonstrates in Jesus name amen

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Prayers For Family Please pray for God's guidance for my family ? Also for my family's Health ? God has truly blessed our family through the years ! Last year our daughters moved out . To start a life of their own . After growing up that's to be expected . Now I pray for God's guidance daily . For my whole family . Also for my husband's health . He fell from a tree in 2014 . Thank God for saving him ! Those injuries have caused him . Alot of pain and suffering ! Please pray for him ? Thanks . May God bless you all ....

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That you CBN get more wisdom, God 's guidance and courage to continue praying for us, to Glorify God 's name. Amen!


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Continue to bless all the people at can and all the partners in Jesus Name Amen!

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Lord continue to bless CBN for all they have done, will do for the your kingdom. This ministry has been such a blessing both by tv & by prayers. I have found so much encouragement to see prayers answered. I enjoy praying for other online.
God bless you always in Jesus name Amen.

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Continue to Bless CBN. Bless All of the Different Ministries that they Share with the World. And that the World Shall See the Mighty Hands of God Move through this Ministry Without Tarry. I Pray that I May Be Blessed to Be a Financial Blessing to CBN, in the Very Near Future.
I Love CBN since being a Child until Now. The have been a staple in my life for decades as well as my Mothers life. We/I, Love You.

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Father bless CBN for all that they have done, are doing, and are going to do! They are awesome, and have been such a blessing in so many lives, and we will be careful to give you all of the honor, and the glory for it!

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