God, help me!

June 21, 2022 by Satomi11   Comments (10)

Am I your child, God?

I am your creation?!?

I am exhausted and sad.

You bless me a wonderful dog as my companion.

But she lives without me now.

Don't take her away!!!

You know I love her so much.

We need each other.

For many, she is just a dog.

But she is my love.

Don't take her away, God!

Please have mercy upon us.

In name of Jesus

Amen .


Take me and my Dog!

September 23, 2021 by Satomi11   Comments (15)

God, I can't make it.

I can't make it in this world.

I am loosing everything because of money.

Don't take my dog way from me!

She is my lifeline of trials, God.

Do you love me?

Do you care about me, God?

I am a beggar now. Always hungry

Now i Will be homeless?

This is you want for me?!?

I am so hurt and discouraged

because of rejections and ignored .

even churches and any religious organizations.

Do you bless me miracles?

Do you bless me breakthroughs?

Please give me an opportunity to

restore / redeem my life with my dog.

and let me bring you Glory.

I pray peace in your arms

In name of Jesus









Messed up world.

September 12, 2021 by Satomi11   Comments (16)

God provides!

Well that's bible says.

Some of us start doubting?!?

Of course it's understandable.

Always worry about money

Always hungry

Can't pay rent, bills and buying foods.

No sense to tell anyone.

No one help you.

I know

I know

Yes, loosing hope!

I know you want to restore your life but road block

after road block.

I know that too.

I'm crying out to God everyday but

My situation is getting worse too.

I don't have any words to you but pray.

This world is messed up. Really messed up.

Don't worry!

You know Jesus is coming really soon.

We all answer to God .

This is not our home .

Heaven is.

Sending hug




September 4, 2021 by Satomi11   Comments (0)

Oh Lord,

Let me feel your presence known

With your warm hands.

I feel so alone and hopeless.

I am lost.

Please show me the way.

I will walk the path you made

with my faithful dog.

This world is not for me.

I am looking forward to see you

in heaven.

Until then, protect me and provide me.

Lift all my burdens.

Bless me miracles today.

Let me celebrate!

Glory to God

In name of Jesus



Faith in trial

September 2, 2021 by Satomi11   Comments (2)

God, restore my life.

I'm the one created this mess.

Now I'm paying for it.

But don't make my dog pay for my


She needs me.

I need her.

She is gift from you, God.

Don't take away from me!

I am so lost, God.

My burdens are beyond me.

Are you in control, God?

You know my dog and I need

place to move.

I need provisions urgently.

Just help us, God.

I learned how tiny my faith is in my trials

You are almighty God and Miracle


Restore me everyways possible

You are the good God.

I praise you always

In name of Jesus







God fixed me.

May 23, 2019 by Satomi11   Comments (5)

I started going to church little over one year ago.

I met someone who is in wheelchair.

I never met her before but i felt instant connection

and she was so familiar to me.

I heard she uesd to lead children's ministry , bible talk ,

women's devotional and etc. She was very active Christian.

But She developed problems in her brain.

She needs helps for daily life and difficulty to .............................

understand and talk.

We developed friendship, and her and her husband

call me " little sunshine".


I pray for her healing . I truly pray for her fervently.

Everybody in the church pray for her too.

But her condition is not getting better in my eye.

One day I got really upset with God.

God, why don't you FIX her ?

You told us If two or more people agree in name of Jesus,

Father in heaven will do it for us.

That's you said, so just Fix her.

(You see I am only a new christian) .......

I shared my feeling to other mature Christian sisters

and they gave me good responses.

Yes, I understood what they were saying intellectually.

But I wasn't just feeling it.

I was still upset- really unhappy with God.


One day, I was surfing internet.

I found the poem by chance(?).

"And God said NO".

written by Claudia M Welsz.

It says

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole,

and God said, "No".

He said her spirit is whole and her body is only



When I read this poem, my heart beat fast

and tears came out.

I said to myself,

I got it, God. I really got it.

Yes, she is obedient daughter and

She loves God with all her heart.

She never stop believing in God.

She has faith.

She doesn't need to be fixed.

Yap, that's right.

God, fixed me.

Praise God.





Father in Heaven!

April 17, 2019 by Satomi11   Comments (2)

Father Father,

I cry out to you.

Help us

Heal us

I love you, God!

Matthew 18:19

April 5, 2019 by Satomi11   Comments (1)

"Again I tell you that if two if you ..

on the earth agree about anything

you ask for, it will be done for you

by my father in heaven".


In name of Jesus, ..

be merciful to us sinners!

Forgive us and lifts us from

despair of this world.

We are so overwhelmed by work of evil.

Save us.



Psalm 46:10

April 5, 2019 by Satomi11   Comments (2)

Be still and know

that I am God.

Psalm 46:10


He is our loving father.

He never forsake you.

When you are lost &..

despair, be still.

Oh I know it's hard.

Just Wait.


My sharing. April 1st

April 1, 2019 by Satomi11   Comments (2)

Glory to god.

One morning , Suddenly

" i must go to church".

God's calling was loud &.. clear.

Now I am his.

Never be fatherless again.

Praise God,

My one year spiritual bithday.

My journey with God is slowly

but surely.

I pray lord help me do his will

and obey his word.

In name of Jesus,