I am progressing well with the battle against 'mental illness' copy of a email and latest prayer request to remember when I forget to trust Yah and remember all the good things He has done for me

August 22, 2022 by Michelle   Comments (0)

 ..Your letter came at just the right time, I was considering opening a tin of food but this gave me the strength to Persevere like in your former Word of Knowledge for me. I prayed for your niece ..and I will pray again later, just gonna read some scripture now. I saw a video years ago of a girl who was tight with Messiah and He spoke to her, she done a 40 day fast and when she got hungry He told her to feed on scripture. I read for about 2 and a half hours altogether yesterday and it helped. I have been guided to withdraw more from the little time I spend not alone and just to be alone for a week or two so I can get prepared for revival. From what I hear in a real revival the glory of Adonai can fall and convict terribly of sin and it can be quite traumatic though ultimately as we know - All things turn to good for those who love Yah, who are the called according to His purpose. .. I think maybe the separate the chaff from the wheat is an encouragement to continue hardcore the Battle of the flesh and mind/thoughts. I saw a video that said about the wheat and the tares. The tares are the children of the wicked one as we know but there is also an inner meaning, I am the wheat and the tares are the evil thoughts which no longer belong in a child of Yah who has been chastised to have her wrong thinking and blasphemy corrected. Remember Paul was told to hand i think it was 2 people over to satan for blasphemy but it wasn't permenant. Like David used to pray to be delivered from men of the sword who are Yah's sword, so I pray to be delivered from the chastisement and acknowledge that it is Yah in charge, orcerstrating it and it is for my own good. Like Psalms say blessed is the man whom thou chastened and do not despise the chastening of Adonai. at the end of the day no matter who satan seems to think he is he is just Yah's puppet lol. So it's also a confirmation of warnings of what will happen if I don't persevere. yah has more than proven His love for me lately and I have to try and remember those times and not let the temporary darkness overwhelm me. The main reason the older generation of Jews were destroyed in the wilderness was for the sin of the 10 spies, their constant complaining and doubting Yah and wanting to go back to Egypt to bondage when He had more than proved His love for them and His power to defeat their enemies. I am quite pleased, reasonably pleased with fasting - I am on day 5 but I am still drinking coffee coke and juice I want to try to get a couple of days water fasting in. Not sure when I will stop probably when I give up smoking. I am up and down on smoking some days more some days less but still Yahshua is with me often Praise Him for His mercy and grace. I am doing better with the thoughts. Please continue to pray for fasting I can not ask too many people as we are told to do it in secret but He knows I am weak in that area and need support so Im hoping its ok to tell a couple people who can help pray me through it and then I just put it as unspoken on CBN. yeah another video said the tares are the seeds the thoughts that the wicked one sows in the minds and hearts of the children of Yah and we have to continually uproot them so we won't be overwhelmed and get stockholm syndrome and think we are actually children of the wicked one. .. I have been seeing on youTube and feeling it to stock up on food for a fair few weeks so I finally did in case of another lockdown for covid variants or monkey disease or food shortages and inflation. We know when the black horse rides completely it will be more famines and a loaf of bread will cost a full days wages. I am saying Psalm 23 everyday usually when I take communion. I saw a video about a prophet saying we are going through the plagues of Egypt again, the last one was the death of the first born starting, that there was a fad on facebook a while ago to post pictures of the firstborn child. So I am covering myself with the blood of the Lamb Yashua and remembering how the children of Yisrael covered their doors with the blood of the first passover lamb and the death angel overflew their houses


I have hardly been sleeping, only a couple of hours a night with a couple of 30 minute naps in the day usually, I am getting a bit grumpy and tired really would like to sleep more. At the same time I am grateful I am not still so depressed as when I was just trying to spend all my time sleeping.
Please pray for peace of mind and that I am able to control my thoughts like 2 Corinthians 10.5 tells us - Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of Yah, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Messiah. I was once diagnosed with schitzophrenia, Yahshua has healed me a lot and I am trying to reject these man made demonic inspired labels of mental illness and keep trusting in Him to help me and it is working although it is very time consuming. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, nurse, support worker and my daughter was there too, it was a web appointment and the psychiatrist agreed I can come of my injection for schitzo-affective disorder which is schitzophrenia with bi-polar, which is very good news and means I am progressing in their eyes as well as more importantly in Yah's eyes. I agree somewhat there might be sound reasoning in how they say it is a chemical inbalance but it is also clearly demonic oppression, Yahshua cast out demons with His Word and Power, He did not prescribe drugs. I am to go on tablets which should not be as heavy, soul numbing and should have less side effects, so Praise Elohim and thank you all for prayers. By Yah's grace I have overcome much of the demonic affliction but I still get a lot of voices hating on me and hating on Yah and blaspheming Him but I am finding it easier to cope so please pray for continued peace of mind. The Biblical Peace/Shalom that surpasses all understanding. I pray that I am able to get a deeper sense that the eternal life which is soon to come is much more important than temporary pleasures of life now like smoking which put in jeopardy the destination of my eternal soul. Also one unspoken. Thanks so much for praying, may Elohim bless you all and draw you nearer to Him these End Times.