comming home

September 4, 2009 by prodical son   Comments (1)

I was saved in 1990, had a real good relationship with the Lord, went to churh 3 times a week, got involved with the soud crew there, then the Lord added to my blessing helping in the music ministry and then He added to my blessings the youth ministry. I was in heaven.He has done so much for me.Then in 2000 i got a job at wal-mart overnight stocker,i had bad feelings about the place i did not listen to the holy spirit.wrll as time went on obout one your i started hanging out with the wromg people, they where lost souls, thout i could witnes to them. but i started falling away from God insted, life went on with out God i fell back into my old life style.for about 8 years this wnt on. then aroun aug 2009,Jesus told me to wake up and come back home, for the day of the Lord is at hand. I couldn't sleep no matter how tired i was, i was being pulled to resurch THE DAY OF THE LOARD. so i did, found out so much about the freemasons and our goverment ond the occult, the two beast of revelation and how everything is inplace for THE DAY OF THE LOARD. and i did not stunble to CBN the Holy spirit sent me here. We as CHRIST CHURCH need to come together with CHRIST for the battle is on.