Praise God

June 30, 2009 by Starrtastic   Comments (3)

Praise God for his compation!!!!!!!   For in our weakness He is Strong.   finances are very tight for us and God sent us a blessing unexpected, allowing us to pay our rent that is late.  Blessed Be His Name!!!!  God is Good.

Praise God! I am in the same situation, but without the blessing. I'm still trying to be faithful, but it is a struggle when bills fall behind, isn't it? It's great to hear that God is indeed the Great Provider, even if He hasn't blessed me in that area yet.

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God is Awesome.  and all things are done to his benefit,  maybe he still has plans in the work for you.  keep up the prayers and faithful walk and I will pray for you.  May God's timing be a blessing to you.


Praise His Holy name. May His blessings be renewed every morning.  Amen

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