Lord we give thanks with a grateful heart

January 17, 2012 by AnointedPrayerWarrior   Comments (1)

O be thankful for the good things that you have ,for the good things that you have a to many just a dream.When you are tempted to complain about anything just think of those in worse conditions than you are.Don`t complain when so many doesn`t `have.Don`t complain avbout the scolding you took.Count your blessings name them one by one and it will shock you what Almighty God has done.When we read the account of the chiildren we wonder why they complained so much even after they saw so many great miracles,but we do exactly the same thing.We want every thing perfect and instantly but not so says the Lord.We have to grow and mature in Him.If He gave us everthing we asked for and immediately then our faith would never grow and we would be like spoiled brats.He knows what is best for us and He also knows the right time to give it to us.He is all wise all seeing and all knowing and loves us too much to see us suffer.

Amen, We need to say thank you for what we have and ask the lord to prosper us in faith and in what we need to continue to go forth and battle another day. the riches of the world are all around us in everything we see and in everything we say and do for each other. Smile and you'd be surprise at how enriched that makes you feel, Say Hello how are you , And say thank you lord for this day . Amen

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