My Spiritual Battle - Fought the Good Fight of Faith

September 16, 2010 by mindymoua   Comments (2)

As a Christian, I honestly never thought I would go through what I have gone through just recently during the summer with my sister, Courtney.  I have heard of Christians who have fought the Good Fight of Faith but never thought I would get to go through one and understood it clearly.  Of course, all Christians go through the Spiritual Battle every single day, but it is true when we tag Jesus into the RING to take over, HE does take over and win the battle for us.  


Anyhow, during the summer of 2010, my sister Courtney from California, came to visit my husband and I on June 5th and stayed for a whole month and a half.  A week later, after arriving, I have mentioned to Courtney that I will be teaching her the Words of GOD.  Courtney was not a Christian at the time of arriving.  Four days later, I started having minor chest pains on my left side and rushed to the ER.  After four hours or so in the ER, the doctor came back stating that everything looks great, which includes blood work, EKG, Chest X-Rays and diagnosed me with Chest Wall Pains and it was due to myself overworking out and must have pulled a muscle on my chest.  I came home that night and ate a late dinner and went to sleep right away due to tiredness.  It was around 10 close to 11 pm when I went to bed.  My husband was on the computer doing his paperwork. 


I awoke around 1 in the morning to turn to my left side.  As I turned to my left side, I saw my husband walking out to the living room, then all of a sudden, I noticed my heart was pounding so loud and so fast.  I closed my eyes and said to myself, "The doctor said my heart is healthy, what is wrong?"  Within seconds of listening to the sound of my heart, I yanked the blanket off of me and jumped out of bed and landed firmly on my feet, feeling so scared.  Right when I landed on my feet, I felt coldness traveled throughout my body and felt different.  My ankles and my wrists felt so weak all of a sudden.  I thought I was having a heart attack.  I hurried to the living room where my husband was at and looked up at me and asked, "Are you ok?  You look like you just saw something."  I said to him, "I don't know what's wrong.  My heart is beating so fast."  He said, "It's nothing.  You must've been stressed out the whole day.  Let's go to bed."  As we walked back to bed, I was feeling weaker.  He sat me on the side of the bed and placed his hand on my chest and said, "I don't know why your heart is beating so fast.  What is wrong?"  I said, "I don't know.  The doctor said that my heart is healthy."  Then he said, "Don't worry.  It's nothing.  Let's go to bed."  Well, I went back to bed, but I couldn't sleep at all.  My heart was still pounding so fast and so loud.  My ankles and my wrists were feeling so weak.  I started to feel tensed all over my body.  I was tossing and turning.  Just then I noticed that I was sweating all over my body.  I was sweating so much as if I was having the fever, but the fever was not present.  I got up and sat on the side of the bed, wondering what is wrong with me.  I was so scared and frightened.  I went to the guest room where my sister, Courtney, was sleeping.  I woke her up and said to her, "Court, will you please massage me?  I feel so weak and I don't know what is wrong."  She got up as I lay down on the bed and she massaged my ankles, my wrists, my shoulders and my neck.  She asked me, "What is wrong with you?  You look so stressed out."  I answered, "I don't know."  After an hour of massaging me, I told her that I feel a little better and that I will be heading to bed.  I went back to my bedroom and as I sat down on the side of the bed, I noticed that I was trying to catch my breath.  My heart was still pounding so fast that as I counted my pulse, it was hitting in the high 90's to 100's.  I tried lying down but I couldn't.  So I grabbed my Bible and went to the living room, turning on the hallway light. 


As I sat down with my Bible on the sofa, I opened it and read 1st John for a few minutes and started praying.  I awoke 2 hours later and realized that I had fallen asleep after reading the Bible.  I looked at the clock on the wall and it was already after 7 A.M. and the sun had already come up.  I got up, took my Bible and went back to lie on the bed.  I felt a little better, but realized how weak my ankles and wrists were.  I slept again for a good 30-40 minutes and got up to go to work.


I couldn't concentrate at work at all that morning.  It was Wednesday morning and I could barely get things done.  I found myself praying and praying to GOD.  All of a sudden, around noon, I broke down and cried at work.  My tellers walked in and tried to comfort me but I was not feeling it at all.  I was feeling full of fear but of what?  I do not know.  I couldn't understand why I was in so much fear.  Around 4 to 5 PM, I couldn't work.  I was crying and had asked one of my Tellers to pray for me, since she was a Christian.  Then I knew I couldn't stay at work because I couldn't concentrate.  I was in so much fear and it was even scarier because I don't know why I was in so much fear.  I felt darkness around me.  So I left work that day, early.  As I got home, I lay down on the sofa and talked to my sister.  As we talked, I looked at the medication the ER doctor has prescribed me, Valium, for my muscle spasm.  I remembered he said that it will make me feel like I was drunk.  So I decided to pop one pill into my mouth and I went into a deep sleep for a couple of hours; and awoke around 8 PM.  I, again, had a late dinner with my sister, but felt nothing in my stomach.  That night, as my husband was at work, I tried to sleep in my room.  As I lay down to sleep, I felt something so heavy on my chest and I felt so scared in my room.  I couldn't breathe at all.  Suddenly, I felt as if someone had reached inside of my right chest and squeezed my right side.  It hurt so much and I was having hard time breathing.  Suddenly, I could feel both of my wrists, shaking and trembling.  I got so scared that I got up and walked out of my bedroom.  Right when I stepped outside of my room, the pains, the shaking and the trembling suddenly disappeared.  I opened the guestroom and said to my sister, "Can I sleep with you tonight?"  As I lay down on the bed with her, I was able to sleep.  I didn't have any hard time breathing and there was no pain. 


The next day, which was Thursday, I came home early from work, which I was scheduled for half day.  I came home to prepare some late finger foods for our Ladies Night.  I was having couple of girls over for a movie night.  I rented the movie, "When In Rome."  Again, the whole day, I was still in fear.  I tried to act as normal as I can and not to show that I have a lot on my mind.  It was the girls’ night and I'm supposed to have some laughter and fun.  Anyway, as the night approaches, fear grew stronger in me.  My feet and my hands were shaking and trembling.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.  As I sat food onto the glass coffee table, I didn't even want to touch the food.  As the girls entered my house, I didn't feel like welcoming them or saying hello because there were so many things on my mind.  I was so scared and so stressed.  We turned the movie on and I tell you, it was a hilarious, funny and loving movie.  My eyes were on the TV, but my mind was elsewhere.  I noticed that as I reached for a BBQ chicken wing, my hand was trembling.  I couldn't concentrate on the movie.  I laughed when the girls laughed although I didn't know what happened in the movie.  Finally, in the middle of the movie, I excused myself, grabbed my cell phone and went straight to the guestroom to call my mother in law.


"Mom, I don't know what is wrong with me, but I am so scared.  I feel like fear is taking over me.  I don't know what is wrong.  Earlier, as I was cooking, something keeps telling me that it's outside of my house.  Please pray for me."  My mother in law asked me, "My daughter in law, do you have your Bible and your Song Book?"  I got up, took courage and went to my bedroom to grab my Bible and my Song Book.  I came back into the guestroom.  I then realized, as I got on my knees, that I was so at peace with my mother in law on the phone.  I didn't feel scared or in fear at all.  Then she said to me, "My daughter in law, you must take courage, stand firm and asked GOD to help you.  You must read the Bible every single day because the Words of GOD are your weapon and the Songs are your bullets!  You must not be scared and you must fight it."  I said yes but not knowing what I am to fight.  Then she said, "I know what it is, but you must not give in.  You must fight it and have the Deacons and Pastor come pray for you."  Then she asked me how it started and I explained to her what happened that night.  Then she said, "It must've came to scared you while you were sleeping but don't be scared!"  So we started praying, starting reading some Bible verses and started singing songs from the Song book.  As we prayed and sang, I noticed someone or something was trying to cover my ears.  I could feel my ears being covered.  I ignored it and listened to my mother in law's prayers.  After an hour of praying and singing, we hung up the phone.  I walked into my room with courage, sat on my bed and said out loud, "I know what you are trying to do to me.  I am not afraid of you at all!"  I started singing the song, "Jesus is my friend" over and over and over.  That night, I was able to sleep in my bedroom.


The following day, Friday, I text one of the lady (Bao), who was in charge of the women at church to tell her that I need prayers because I don't know why I'm in fear.  That night, due to a large graduation party for some youth at church, they couldn't make it; however, my husband's niece and grandson came by to pray for me.  I was able to sleep in my bedroom again.  However, during the day, I noticed that I was different.  I was very quiet and I just started meditating on the Bible nonstop, searching for verses to fight back the devil.  I sang songs and read the Bible days and nights and was in prayers nonstop.  I was still in fear but not as much as I was the days before.  It still didn't make sense to me as to why I was attacked by the devil.  


On Saturday that week, I got so fed up with the fear, the stress, the depressions and the uneasy feeling that I grabbed my Bible and my cross and as I walked up to the front door, it suddenly reminded me of my dream a month ago before my sister arrived.  In my dream, I was holding a Bible and a cross casting out the demons out of my house and as I did that, I was calling out to God for help.  All of a sudden, flashes of very tall men of 5-6 of them, rushed down the hallway to the guestroom where I was standing, and on their left hips hung large silver swords.  They lined up, side by side, in front of me.  I looked at them, one by one and they were in white robes and the length of their robes came down above their knees and they wore sandals.  They were mighty, tall men...and as I looked at them, one by one, I realized that they were the angels.  Just then, to the left of me, stood another man, but he was different from the rest.  He had on a light bronze/brown robe.  His hair was golden brown and it came down to his shoulders.  He had a perfect nose bridge and his eyes were brown and deep.  They were beautiful.  He stood next to me and after looking at him; I realized and knew that He was Jesus.  All of a sudden, Jesus and the angels lifted their hands up, swaying it back and forth.  I saw the demons, in black shadows, leaving my house.  All of the demons and spirits left my house.   


Anyhow, I started casting out the evil out of my house in every room.  I was fed up with it.  I was getting tired of it.  I wanted peace and I wanted now! 


On Sunday that week, I went to church and at the end of service; I walked up to the altar with the lady, head of the women at church, for the Pastor and Deacons to pray for me.  As the Pastor started praying, I was in tears and cried nonstop because I felt so at peace up there and I didn't want to go home.  


The following week, on Tuesday, I was at work when I received a text message from the lady stating that the Pastor, Deacons and some members of the church will be coming over to my house that evening to pray and bless the house.  I was very happy.  During that evening, one hour before closing, the right side of my chest started to hurt as if someone is squeezing it and my hands started to tremble and my ankles felt so weak.  I walked to the back room, leaned over, and started praising the Lord, singing and praying all at the same time.  In my mind, the devil was telling me to go to the ER, but GOD told me in my heart, "DO not listen to the devil.  You will go home so they can pray for you.  Do not be afraid."  I fought it for one hour.  As I walked up the stairs, I could barely take a step, but I felt so happy and so at peace, knowing GOD's warriors were at home waiting for me.  As I stepped inside my house, the Deacons and their wives were present along with the Pastor and his wife.  My house was filled with GOD's warriors.  The pains in my right chest stopped immediately and the shaking and trembling stopped. 


I've explained to everyone present, what had happened that evening when I awoke to hear my heart pounding so fast.  After that, I explained that I can't sleep well in my bedroom and it feels so cold and when I do, I felt as if someone or something is sitting on my chest and it hurts.  I've explained to them what had just occurred earlier that night at work right before I came home.  Then we all prayed and sang, praising the GOOD LORD.  Then everyone scattered all over in my house, including the bathrooms and closets, with windows opened and we all sang and praise the Good Lord.  We all prayed and prayed. Then the Pastor placed the Holy Oil onto my forehead and all the ladies placed their hands over me while some of the Deacons placed their hands on the ladies and two Deacons went into my bedroom to pray while the Pastor prayed for me in the living room.  Couple of hours later, they all left.  I was able to sleep in my bedroom that night, peacefully.


 That same week, God had guided me to email a Pastor's wife, Lisa, from Texas to pray for me.  It was odd and weird because we have never met each other and we have only emailed each other twice back in March about my father in law.  Anyhow, I emailed her about my situation and she contacted me via phone the next night.  I explained more stuff in detail about what was happening.  Then she asked me, "Mindy, have you ever said the Salvation Prayer before?"  I said, "No, what is that?"  Then she explained to me what the Salvation Prayer was and I broke into tears.  I have never said the Salvation Prayer but was baptized.  We both then agreed together as I repeated after her in regards to the Salvation Prayer.  That night, I have cried nonstop.  I was so happy that I had Lisa walked me through it and she was my witnessed.  I believed that night that GOD had guided me to her for a reason and that reason will be known to me at the end of my battle.


The following day, the Pastor and his wife, along with some of the Deacons and their wives returned to pray for me and bless the house.  That night, I had a dream.  This dream made me realized why I was attacked.  In the dream, the devil came to me and said to me, "You have taken something from me and I want it back."  As I woke up from the dream, GOD spoke to my right ear and said, "Do you remember when you first came to me and accepted Jesus and you were going through the same battle?"  I answered from my heart, "Yes."  GOD replied, "This is the same battle, except more vicious than the one you went through."  Then I asked myself from my heart, "What did I take and what does that mean?"  Then all of a sudden, as I lay on my bed, the day that I have spoken to my sister about teaching her of GOD's words came back to me.  I sat up from the bed and it hit me right there and then that they want my sister back!  I slowly paced back to the days before she have arrived and I was fine and then after her arrival and after speaking to her telling her I was going to teach her about GOD, I was attacked days later.  The devil was trying to scare and stopped me from teaching her the Words of GOD.  Suddenly GOD said to me, "The dream.  It was to prepare you for this."  I thought back to the dream where Jesus and the angels came to helped me.  I thought to myself, no wonder, the day before the devil attacked me, I received an email stating that I have not been listening to GOD and that I need to listen to Him.  I felt so ashamed of myself for not listening to GOD.  Then I thought back to the night before the attacked where I was guided to Joyce Meyer's video about TRUSTING GOD.  I got up from the bed and went through my notes that I have wrote down that evening while watching Joyce Meyers.  I found the notes and I read the only sentence I jotted down that night; and it was written down, "Satan will tried to take away your peace and happiness and when he does, you will not be the same.  But trust GOD for GOD will not allow that."  I realized that that was the only sentence I wrote down.  "But trust GOD."  I then realized that I have to stand firmer, stronger and trust GOD more because I am not going to let the devil win my sister back!  I started yelling out, "She's my sister and she belongs to GOD!  I will not let you take her back because she doesn't belong to you!"  I got on my knees and prayed telling GOD that I will not let the devil take Courtney because she belongs to you GOD! I cannot do this by myself and I need your help! Help me win this battle!!  That day, I was determined to bring my sister, fully to Christ. 


After 3 days of having the church prayed for me, I was starting to feel so much better.  Now that I knew what was going on, I was not afraid anymore.  However, the devil was still at work.  They were working hard but GOD was working harder.  I started seeing Jesus in my bedroom, watching over me as I sleep.  My sister was seeing Jesus in her bedroom as she sleeps as well.  He was dressed in a white robe with brown hair to his shoulders, deep brown eyes and a perfect nose bridge.  Every night as I closed my eyes, I can see Him standing behind me, watching over me.  Things were starting to make sense to me.  I was meditating and learning GOD's Words and they were imprinting inside my heart and mind.  I started to put GOD’s words to work.  Every time the devil would speak to me to do evil as in to hurt my sister and my husband, I was able to quote the Bible verses and argued back to the devil.  I fought back by quoting Bible verses.  I found out that the devil had told my sister to poison me, to hurt me and told her that I talked too much about Jesus and she doesn't need Jesus.  I told her to start quoting Bible verses back to the devil. 



The following week, (3rd week), I picked up a Bible for my sister.  As I closed up the bank, I started feeling the same pains...someone grabbing my right chest, squeezing it, my hands and ankle started to shake and tremble but I knew the devil was trying to scared me and stopped me.  I didn't care.  I sang songs praising GOD and prayed until I got home.  Right when I got home, I said to Courtney, "Let's get on our knees and agreed together, asking GOD to bless your Bible."  So we both got on our knees, prayed for blessings over the Bible and protections over us.  Immediately, the pains, the shakiness and the trembling stopped.  It just disappears.  That night, I slept in my bedroom, knowing Jesus is there, protecting me, I slept peacefully. 


One afternoon, after I was done praying, my husband walked into the living room and said to me, "You know, this fight is your fight.  You have to fight it with faith and we can only encourage and pray for you."  I looked at him and said, "Yes, I know."  My husband prayed for me every night. I started having my sister read the New Testament in the Bible and we started praying more together and in agreement. 


I will be honest with you.  There were so many nights where I was so exhausted, so drained, so weak, so tired and so lost--- physically.  I probably slept a total of less than 12 hours per week. There were some nights where I just wanted to give up this fight but I told myself, "GOD has done everything for me.  I cannot give up this fight.  I have to keep pressing on forward.  I will not be able to face GOD if I don’t do this.  I have to and I can because Jesus has fought all of my battles for me!"  There were days I went on without eating because I didn't have the appetite for it.  There were days I would fast and prayed.  I was very emotional and weak physically -- days after days for weeks.  No one knew what I was going through or how much I was struggling except for Jesus and GOD and the Holy Spirit.  I studied the Words of GOD nights and days, making sure I understood it. I had wonderful sisters and brothers in Christ praying all over for me, encouraging me and loved me. 


I remembered calling CBN 700 several times; and the woman and the man who picked up the phone prayed for me, encouraging me to TRUST GOD.  I remembered it so clearly, "Trust GOD.  Just trust GOD."  That never left me.  It stayed with me till today and forever.  I trusted GOD more than ever.  So many people encouraged me by prayers, by comforting words telling me, "Keep pressing forward.  Do not allow the devil to win.  Trust GOD."  One of the most comforting and encouraging words came from the lady (Bao), head of the women at church, said to me "You have to tag Jesus so He can come into the RING and fight for you."  I kept that in me and no matter how much pains the devil may caused me or how hard he was trying to scared me, I kept running to GOD because He cares and wants to know about my worries.  I never back down.  I fought back harder and more aggressive.  I was getting very tired of the devil.  I remembered shouting to the devil, "I don't have anything to talk to you about or say to you.  If you want me and want to talk to me, you will have to go through my Savior, Jesus!"  I was getting angry.  There were so many times where the devil was trying to tempt me to get upset easily, but I will walk away and open my Bible and pray to GOD for deliverance.  I have to admit that that month during the battle, I was most patient, and making sure I didn't let the devil win.  I did not argue or yell at anyone who got me upset.  I was very quiet, focusing on GOD and was more patient than ever. 


Finally, a month and a week later, I got up one Saturday morning to read and do my Bible studies.  As I sat down on the floor and opened up the Bible, GOD spoke to me immediately and said, "GO wake up your sister and teach her my words."  I got up, obediently, and woke her up from her sleep.  She got cleaned up and came to the living room where I sat down.  We both prayed and I asked GOD to speak through me to my sister so she can understand.  I asked GOD to use me and to have the Holy Spirit speak through me.  We both opened up Joyce Meyer's book, "Walking with GOD" together and read it.  I explained each paragraph as I read along.  All of a sudden, after an hour into the reading, I noticed my cross and necklace was tossed to my left shoulders.  I knew it just didn't get up there by itself.  Someone had to throw it in order for it to get up there.  So I pulled down my cross and quietly put it straight on my chest.  Then 30 minutes later, the same thing happened.  I did the same thing.  I pulled it down and placed it neatly on my chest.  Then again, it happened.  I knew the devil was trying to scare me.  I was not afraid.  I kept pressing forward with the teaching.  Then all of a sudden, I became so tired and so sleepy.  I again knew the devil was trying to scare me. I kept pressing forward with the teaching.  Then all of a sudden, I felt scared, but I continued teaching.  Finally, after 3 hours of teaching, I turned to my sister and asked her, "Are you ready to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior?"  She said, "I ... don’t know."  Then I heard the Holy Spirit said to me, "The devil is making her said that."  I turned to her and said, "The Holy Spirit told me that the devil is making you say that."  She said yes.  So I asked her again, "Are you ready to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior?"  She turned to me and said "Yes I am!"  Right when Courtney said that, I burst into tears.  I felt this powerful light break into the living room.  I felt peace and happiness all around me!  I was crying and crying.  Then she said, "I felt something heavy has been lifted off of me!"  I said, "Hallelujah!"  Then I remembered back to when Lisa had walked me through the Salvation Prayer.  I said to Courtney, "Repeat after me but say it to GOD from your heart and mean it."  I walked Courtney through the Salvation Prayer.  Then my hands started shaking and I grabbed both of my arms and yelled at the devil, "I am not afraid of you!  I cast you out in Jesus name!"  The shaking stopped and disappears immediately and never came back.


That weekend, Courtney went to my church and accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior.  My church members came up to congratulate my sister and one of the Deacons came up to me and said to me, "Good job!  You did it!"  I came home after church, sat down on the sofa and for once, I felt at peace.  Then my husband came and sat by me and said to me, "The battle is over now.  You don't need to worry about it."  I looked at him and said, "They said that I did it and they told me Good job, but I didn't do anything.  Jesus did it all.  Jesus did it all. I am very happy for my sister.  It was a very long battle but everything is ok now.  She belongs to GOD and GOD called her to be one of His children."  My husband nodded and hugged me. "You fought the Good Fight of Faith.  I know you have gone through a lot for a whole month because you were absolutely different, and fighting the spiritual battle every single day but today, I am happy to see your smile." 


Today, I tell GOD like I have told Him before that I am most grateful and thankful to have gone through the battle because it made me stronger in Him, knows His Words better and is more serious about my Faith in Him.  Today, I tell you that my prayers are different than two months ago.  I pray better and stand firmer in my Faith.  I am not afraid because Jesus has my back!  I now know that the devil already lost when Jesus died on the Cross for me and for you.  There's absolutely no need to be afraid because the ONE IN US IS STRONGER THAN THE ONE IN THE WORLD.  I do not regret ever going through what I have gone through for my sister.  I believe that GOD has greater and better things for me out there....and that there's other wars coming, but if we fight the war with Faith, we can overcome all battles, in Jesus Name!!!