A prayer for our nation

July 27, 2009 by Kathy+James=5kids   Comments (2)


         Hello my King! It's another beautiful day today, a bit hot but great! Thank You for giving me this day because "This is the day that You have made and I shall be GLAD in it"!! Well July is almost over, the days seem to pass by so quickly that I can't keep up. With the way things are going down here where I am, our future seems so bleak and scary. There are things we as a nation are doing that are just appaling and horrible, laws are being passed that our fore fathers would have a stroke over. The people that are leading us as a nation are tearing us apart, I just know JESUS that we the people don't share the same views or do we?  Lord JESUS, we need you down here. Wake your people up from their slumber, spark up a flame within our hearts so that Your Holy Spirit can fan it to a raging infreno! Send us a revival, the one that Peter had on the day of pentacost!! Thats my prayer for our nation, that we cry out with our hearts in repentance. That You would heal our nation and let Your Kingdom come! We Love You JESUS. In Your name I pray. Amen!