Why me, Lord?

October 4, 2009 by Angelina Gonzales   Comments (1)

Friday, Oct. 1, my Mormon friend was laid to rest.  Her battle with cancer is over.  I did not attend the burial on Saturday.  I have opened my heart to God about this matter and now, in Jesus's name, I leave it in his care with total trust and confidence in his judgment and mercy. 

I have decided that people need to learn to eat the right combinations of foods to stay and get healthy.  I want to learn to create menus focusing on optimum alkalizing effects to ensure the body stays in its PH balance, the way God intended. 

God in Jesus, Jesus in me, God in me through Jesus! 

Kind and timely reminders

September 4, 2009 by Angelina Gonzales   Comments (9)

1.  Stay close, praying daily.  It is important not to skip a day. 

2.  Watch my words.   I awoke reciting the poem: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  I recalled I had been taught this as a child.  But it is wrong thinking.  Words can hurt and they can hinder and kill another's spirit.  I used to spew words out like bullets.  But a smart mouth does not mean a smart brain.  I recognize I have come a long way and realize I have a long way to go.  There is no going back; no backsliding down the hill, only a walk uphill with Jesus.

3.  Present and accounted for Lord, because of Jesus.


Signs of the Times

September 3, 2009 by Angelina Gonzales   Comments (1)

There is excitement in the air,  God is moving mightily.  Those walking with Him are going to and fro, here and there; unstoppable by borders, old biases, and political deceptions.  They move with direction and purpose, heart attuned to God.  Can you not sense it also?

Why me, Lord?  Who am I?  What do you want me to do, Lord?  I want to participate in the harvest and you have made this possible through ministries such as CBN.  I will be patient, Lord.  I know "Cancer cannot survive alkaline conditions." Because you said it, I believe it.  And I have done my research, I have looked it up on the web, and I will focus on alkalizers (fruits and vegetables).  Thank you, Father, because I have no pain.  I have told people here what you have told me and they  looked at me with rolling eyes.  I've told them not to worry:  If I die there was nothing to what I said; but if I live...  What's so funny is if I sleep late, my neighbors are pounding on my door and calling me to see if I answer the phone.  When I open the drapes, they are outside standing around and turn to look at me.  These are people that were not moved, Lord, people that were noncommital, slow to believe.  Yet they are watching.  I have decided to let you take over.  I'm not going to worry about them.  I am not only going to focus on alkalizers like You told me, I'm going to keep my focus on You.  I have decided when I step into eternity, I am going to know you truly.  If someone says to me: "Well, look who's here!"  I'll feel right at home because I know You, Lord.

How did the Holy Spirit commune with me today?

September 3, 2009 by Angelina Gonzales   Comments (2)

We spoke pleasantries. I passed by at noon to drop a letter off. I passed by again to give the manager my rent check.  I passed by again to learn the mail had not yet come. It was almost 5pm. She mentioned she was also waiting. Had been waiting for her retirement check to arrive by mail.  My refrigerator was full. My purchases had been made this morning. Now it was beginning to rain. It was growing dark.  I thought about settling in to see a movie to try out my new audio system. The Holy Spirit wondered if this elderly lady had had anything to eat. Did she have any bottled water to drink? Any fruit? Any bread in the house.  Was she forced to go out tonight to shop for groceries.  "But, Lord," I protested, "what if she wastes them." That is not my concern, afterall.  I will never know.  I am not God.  But she will forever know that I care because God is.