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Congregation congregating
Sisters baking
Brothers hand shaking

Congregating & faking
Tsk tsking, heads shaking, & hating

Talking ‘bout who late
No he didn’t bring a date
Chile, now you know her hair is fake

Looking down their noses, mouths tight
In church this morning, but where was she last night
That dress is much too tight
Tell her off I just might

Congregation congregating
Congregating & faking
Tsk tsking & heads shaking
Congregating & hating

Morals & values have gone too far
What ever happened to come as your are
Greeting newcomers with open arms
Providing cover from the storm
Protecting ALL from harm

Who are you are to pick & chose
Folks want to come & y’all give ‘em the blues
Who cares where she was last night
Maybe this morning she awakened to the light

There is so much truth in your poem. Great job!

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