The Cathoilc Bible

February 3, 2012 by David Michael McMahon   Comments (0)

Some of use the NKJV. Thats fine.I chose The Catholic Bible because it has more input.Books were taken out of the NKJV that seem to answer many questions for me.Such as the Books of Wisdom and Sirach.We are Christian same as all of you.

the True Reason for Halloween.

November 2, 2011 by David Michael McMahon   Comments (0)

Halloween was very sacred to the ancient Celts (Scotish and Irish).They believed the veil of the dead spirits and living man,the two worlds,as almost nonexsistent at this time.To the Druids this was the most sacred time of the year called Samhain(end of summer).The trick or treat comes from the fact that if you didnt leave a treat in fron of an Irish door the spirits would play a trick on you.Also there is Jack O'Lantern.He was mean and vicious in life.When he died niether Heaven or Hell wanted him so he was condemed to walk the swamps at night wearing a face carved into a turnip lit from the back for all eternity.Then there was the Pooka a black horse with red eyes that could tell your future you were lucky enought to spot him.This whole thing was mainly a gathering of all the food grown thruout the year.Halloween dont have to be evil.It certainly wasnt to the Druids.Its just in our crazed American society we made it evil.Oiche Samhna(hee naw how na).Thats Irish for Halloween.And how do I know this stuff.Taught back from many generations of being Irish.But dont get me wrong whatever God wants,God gets,lol!