What’s this do? - A Guide to the my.CBN.com Tools

May 28, 2009 by Kesha   Comments (59)

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Trying to figure out all of the tools on my.CBN.com? Here’s a quick guide to the features found in the community.


Dashboard: The dashboard is an area that only you will see. It contains your Activity feed where you can see what your friends have been up to and the latest happenings in your network. From the Dashboard, you can also post directly to the My Thoughts feed.


Friends:  Your Friends are users in your network that you email, share content with and follow. Clicking on Friends in the navigation shows you a list of your friends (to visit their profile, you just need to click on their name). To invite people to become Friends, click in the “Invite Friends” link and enter their email addresses. To find current people within the network, just use the search and look them up by name.


Journals: Think of these as user blogs—Journals let you post what’s on your mind, comment on your friends’ entries and see what you’re friends have written.


Photos: With the Photos tool, you can upload, organize and share pictures for your friends to see and comment on. The tool also allows you to tag people in the pictures and see where you’ve been tagged.


My Thoughts: My Thoughts is an area that you post your current status, short thoughts and say what’s on your mind. By going to the “Configure your Tools” section of settings, you can also plug it right into your Twitter account!


The Guest Book: This allows you to write messages on your friends’ profile and allows them to write on yours, just like writing on a wall!


Missions: The Missions tool lets you adopt your favorite CBN cause and set a fundraising goal that your friends help you meet. You can also easily track the results and invite others to support the Mission.