In Honor of In Honor of Joanna Stallone

Happy Mother's Day 2004

Dear Mom,

"Happy Mother's Day!"

I really love you.  You are a tremendous blessing to me, Dad, and Brenda.  Everyone on this earth should be as nice, kind, caring and loving as you are.

You are also a tremendous child of Jesus, who appeared to you when you were only ten years old, and spoke to you telling you, "Do not be afraid, my child.  I am with you always."

So many people would love to see or hear experienced both!  How very Blessed you are!

God blessed you with a beautiful family; prior to that two beautiful parents and two brothers--and now, a wonderful aide to assist you named Brenda.

When you met Dad at Rose and Frank Grave's wedding when you kissed the wrong man, you really kissed the right man, or I wouldn't be here.  Lucky Dad (Vito)!

May God bless you always, Mom, forever and ever.  I am so lucky and blessed to have you!

Love always,

Your son, JAMES