In Honor of Sgt. Wesley Nolan Shoemaker

A True Patriot and American

Wesley is a special man--one of the best I've been privileged to meet.  He is a dedicated soldier with the 562nd Combat Engineers stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska.  He is professional and excellent at his vocation.  But more importantly, he is an honorable man who loves God, country and his family.  You can tell because it shines from his eyes.  He doesn't miss a thing.

My heart's desire is to someday by lucky enough to be his wife; to care for him and spoil him the way a husband should be treated.

He is loving and giving, and not afraid to help out and get things done.  He is a true patriot, man and American in every way.  He is my hero.  He will probably deploy to the war in January 2005.  He is so brave.

I love you, Wesley.

Always your girl,