In Honor of Edwin Earl O'Guin

Father's Day

Dear Dad,

I remember playing family football in the afternoon following church. I remember being in Chicago on a family outing as a small girl and being a bit intimidated by the noise and traffic of a big city. You reached down to hold my hand as we crossed the street. I felt so safe. The weekend retreat’s we had on the farm, being baptized in our pool, the Upper Room, and sharing Jesus with me - the Greatest Gift of All! I will always be in debt to you and forever grateful.

I will pass that legacy on to my children and they will pass it on to their children. Although there were times in my early teen and adult life that I walked away from the Lord, He was the voice in my head and heart saying “I’m here, come back my lost child.” And because of you, mom other Christians in my life, and faithfulness to prayer, I came running back to God and to the church. I believe the Bible says that if you train up a child in the ways of the Lord, they will never depart. Thank you!

Dad You Rock! I love you BIG!

Your Daughter,